Mullican® Hardwood Flooring Announces Winner in All-American Patriot Essay Contest

Mullican Flooring, a leading manufacturer of quality hardwood flooring, held an essay contest over the summer to honor members of the armed forces and their loved ones.  The “All-American Patriot” essay contest encouraged participants to write brief essays highlighting active duty military personnel, retired veterans, and fallen heroes.  The program received an outflowing of appreciation and stories about American citizens that have done so much in the line of duty.

All submissions were reviewed, and winners were announced on July 4, 2020.  Three winners were selected and provided with their choice of American-made Mullican Hardwood Flooring.

“We were so overwhelmed by the response we received in this essay contest,” says Pat Oakley, Mullican Flooring VP of Sales and Marketing. “It was amazing to read through the many accounts of loved ones honoring their family and friends for their service.  Our team at Mullican is very grateful for all those that participated, and we are looking forward to providing new flooring to the deserving winners.”

Below are the three winners that were announced, along with a short excerpt from each of their submissions.  We’re very proud to share their stories with you!

1st Place Winner and recipient of 1,000 sq./ft. of solid Mullican Hardwood Flooring: Julie Thomas

Excerpt from Julie’s submission highlighting her great-uncle, Edward John Dzurnak:

“…Just two weeks before his 21st birthday, Edward, alone at the controls of one of those P-51s, began circling in an attempt to get above the fog. Other pilots, realizing that the weather was too severe, began bailing out, calling, “Mayday.” It was too late for young Lt. Dzurnak. A fellow pilot witnessed “Dzurnak climbing steeply out of the overcast, stall out and dive straight down.” That was the last time the plane was seen, over the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Yugoslavia, modern day Croatia (not far from where Edward’s father and maternal grandparents had emigrated from years before). 2nd Lieutenant Edward John Dzurnak was reported as MIA as a result of a battle casualty. There was no search made due to adverse weather conditions…”

2nd Place Winner, and recipient of 750 sq./ft. of solid Mullican Hardwood Flooring: Pam Church

Excerpt from Pam’s submission about her son-in-law, USMC Marine Daniel Berry:

“…At the 20-year mark of a military career, most people are looking at their retirement options, not Daniel. In September of 2019, Daniel signed on to serve 6 more years with the United States Air Force Reserves.

What makes this story even more extraordinary is that Daniel is stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. So, one weekend a month, or as he’s needed, Daniel leaves after his civilian job in IT to drive 6 hours one way to spend the weekend serving in the Command Post of Wright-Patterson. Then after his shift on Sunday, he drives 6 hours back to Johnson City to be back at work on Monday. For anyone other than a hero, this would be too much to ask and they would gladly take the retirement route but not Daniel…”

3rd Place Winner, and recipient of 500 sq./ft. of solid Mullican Hardwood Flooring: Cathleen Clark

Excerpt from Cathleen’s submission about her husband, Jeffery Clark:

“…He served from 1986 to 1994, during the Cold War, then during Operation Desert Storm. After honorably discharging from the Army, he became a federal law enforcement officer for 23 years, protecting our community. He worked for the Department of Justice from 1994 to 2016, when he retired with many honors. After retiring, he took an IT position at the local elementary school. Currently, he is an essential employee, supporting students so that they have the current technology to succeed. Since the pandemic began, he has worked long hours providing everything necessary for students and parents to connect with the schools…”

Mullican Flooring wants to thank all of those that submitted their stories in our essay contest.  We are very grateful for the service you spotlighted for your loved ones, and your evident appreciation for their sacrifice and dedication.

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