MÓZ Designs Blendz Patina Collection Features Creative Concepts for Signage Displays


MOZ.Blendz Patina.1Móz Designs’ nature-influenced Blendz Patina Collection now offers creative new concepts in signage and wayfinding displays. Blendz Patina’s natural geo-finishes offer a unique alternative to standard signage materials for shopping centers, hotels and resorts, entertainment facilities, airports and many other interior installations.

The Patina Collection integrates the depth of color and variegated tones of copper and other natural materials in a lightweight, easy-to-install Móz metal, yet without the installation mess or maintenance issues associated with copper. Móz metal products are also rust-resistant and ensure consistent color integrity.

Along with new Móz Patina finishes, the Blendz Collection features multiple palettes of blended colorways in a varied range of tones. Standard Móz textural grains can be incorporated into the colorways. The entire series can be viewed at: www.mozdesigns.com/blendz/.

Blendz Patina is fabricated from solid core aluminum, available in thicknesses ranging from .040” to .125”. Standard sheet sizes are: 48” x 96” and 48” x 120”. Custom sheet sizes can also be ordered.

All Móz metals are manufactured from recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content.

Patina, and other Blendz panels, are shipped ready to install with hardware and mounting accessories. Polycoat matte and gloss coatings are available.

For more information or product samples, contact Móz Designs at 510.632.0853.

Móz Designs has been an industry leader in innovative metal surfaces for interior and exterior installations for 26 years. The company is based in Oakland, CA, where Móz products are locally designed, sourced and fabricated. For more information or to request product samples, contact Móz Designs at 510.632.0853 or visit Móz online at www.mozdesigns.com.