More than 30 manufacturers release CET Designer Extensions in 2020

Manufacturers across the commercial interiors, material handling industries make products available in CET Designer

People who design spaces using CET Designer have hundreds of new products to choose from thanks to 33 manufacturers from around the globe that released Extensions in 2020, Configura announced today.

“Through all the challenges and opportunities of 2020, our CET community remained strong and we are truly humbled by its continued growth with the addition of 33 Extensions for CET Designer,” Configura CEO Stefan Persson said. “Our users get access to thousands of configurable products for designing spaces and we truly appreciate the companies and users who continue to invest in our CET platform.”

Configura’s software is used by 16,500 (and growing) users around the globe including designers, salespeople, dealerships and manufacturers. Configura has revolutionized the way office furniture is sold in North America and is now gaining momentum in Europe’s commercial interiors industry as well as other industries like kitchen and bath and material handling. More than 100 manufacturers around the world – including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Sunon, Kvik, NEDCON and Dematic – use CET Designer to sell their products.

Below are Extensions added to Configura’s Marketplace in 2020.

Extensions developed by Configura:

  • Acoustic Facts
  • Allermuir
  • Collaboration Lite
  • Connectrac Designer
  • Martela
  • Merryfair
  • Modern-Expo
  • Onlead
  • Simii Design
  • Special-T

Extensions developed internally by the manufacturer:

  • Maars M923

Extensions developed by Configura’s Implementation Partners:

  • AIS CET Designer 11.5
  • Alumni Educational Solutions
  • Bendheim
  • Claridge
  • Companions Plus
  • Corral
  • HNI India
  • Kokuyo
  • Loftwall
  • Magnuson Group
  • Memo Furniture
  • My Resource Library (MRL)
  • Peter Pepper Products
  • Scandinavian Spaces
  • SnapCab
  • Symbiote
  • Tabi
  • Three H Furniture
  • Uhuru Design
  • Uplift DeskManufacturers looking to join the CET platform can work with Configura or one of Configura’s Implementation Partners to develop an Extension. Implementation Partners are companies that offer development services on the CET platform or services that help manufacturers to launch their Extension once it’s developed.

“Our Implementation Partners play a key role in bringing new Extensions to our Marketplace,” Configura Program Manager Elizabeth Busch said. “All of these Extensions add more options for our users who are designing solutions in CET Designer, and we look forward to welcoming more Extensions to our growing Marketplace in 2021.”

CET Designer, Configura’s most widely used solution, makes space planning easy, efficient and precise. Manufacturers add their products to CET Designer by creating an Extension, which is an addition to the software that incorporates the rules, parts and pricing of a given product. Users can download or purchase Extensions from Configura’s Marketplace.

About Configura

Configura creates intelligent space-planning software for manufacturers, dealers and designers in the commercial interiors, kitchen and bath and material handling industries. The company’s software products, including CET Designer, are used by 16,500 people around the world. Configura Sverige AB, the parent company, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with commercial operations in Gothenburg, Sweden; Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Shenzhen, China; and Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1990, Configura is privately owned with over 250 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $18 million USD. More information at

About CET Designer

Based on technology created by Configura, CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software that simplifies specifying and selling of products in a variety of industries. It’s a complete solution that quickly and accurately handles every step of the sales and order process. In CET Designer, components that represent manufacturers’ products look and behave like actual products. Users drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments; behind the scenes, the software tracks components, calculates pricing and prevents user errors. Users can create and generate layouts, quotes, photorealistic renderings, movies, installation drawings, reconfigurations and bills of materials – in other words, everything needed to propose on work and place orders. CET Designer is the future of space planning. More information at