Momentum’s New Wallcoverings Shimmer with Biophilia + Sartorial Fashion Influences

We are delighted to highlight two wallcovering designs from Momentum’s new Spring 2023 collection that fuse biophilic aesthetics with high fashion influences. The avant-garde, botanical Amari and Amari Stripe wallcoverings are industry-leading in performance and versatile in application across hospitality, commercial, and workplace interiors.

The Amari/ Amari Stripe collection was inspired by well-known fashion designer Iris van Herpen, whose visionary creations merge pioneering techniques with luxurious, often shimmering and diaphanous, materials. With sophisticated botanical-inspired designs, the collection as a whole remains timeless and features an ethereal quality reminiscent of van Herpen’s work. As biophilic design and a grounding focus on wellness-enhancing elements in design schemes have continued to be reinforced over the last three years, Amari and Amari Stripe lead with subtle motifs and color palettes that enhance a sense of calm through a clear connection to nature. Made-to-order and hand-crafted using paper and plaster, both Amari and Amari Stripe are produced with water-based inks and are Prop 65-compliant. These two patterns boast industry-leading performance and durability needs, bringing versatile wallcovering solutions for both hospitality and commercial environments.

Characterized by layered textures and intricate leaf-inspired elements, the Amari wallcovering is available in 8 colorways ranging from subtle neutral hues to bold jewel tones. The vertical pattern is dynamic and evocative with the veining and subtle leaf edges intertwining in an upward fashion. Featuring reflective grounds and diaphanous qualities, Amari is both visually calming and engaging.

Amari Stripe
Defined by an elegant woodgrain-like coordinate pattern, Amari Stripe is sophisticated across its 8 colorway options. With rich saturated hues and calming neutrals, designers can enhance a biophilic design scheme easily with the Amari Stripe wallcovering. The visual intrigue of this pattern grounds nature’s power and beauty through its three-dimensional appearance via layered textures, matte ink, and reflective grounds.