Momentum Celebrates the Wellness Impact of Rituals with Latest Textile Collection

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is thrilled to introduce Ritual, their newest textile collection designed by Linsay Bittinger, created to channel the positive impact rituals have on mental and physical wellness. The Ritual collection features a vast range of eight bespoke designs – Glassworks, Expression, Pixelate, Artisanal EPU, Vanish, Witzel CV, Charette and Gradient Grid – which include woven and coated textiles as well as privacy curtains.

The range of textiles translates the foundational principles and beneficial impacts of structure present in ritualistic customs into commercial interiors in order to foster a welcoming, healing environment. Showcasing an extensive variety of tranquil and inviting tones with diverse geometric motifs, the fabrics present solutions perfectly tailored to healthcare, corporate and educational environments.

Linsay Bittinger

A core practice of humanity for centuries, rituals have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing practitioners with a sense of calm. Imbued with meaning, these mindful practices grounded in values can invite a deeper sense of connection, intentionality and purpose into one’s life. With these rejuvenating benefits in mind, Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering created its latest high-performing textile line: Ritual. Leveraging the power of rituals as the leading source of inspiration for eight inspiring designs, the line brings the principles and positive effects of structure and harmony found in ritualized practices to commercial interiors conducive to healing.

The repetition of rituals creates a rhythmic pattern in one’s lives, and these patterns then become pathways of conditioning the body and brain. Many of the designs in the collection, including Glassworks, Expression, Pixelate, Charette and Gradient Grid, explore the use of simple and familiar geometric shapes used in repetition to foster a connection to the end user. Featuring a wide array of soothing yet inviting hues across geometric patterns of varied scales, the fabrics offer calming, uplifting and comfortable solutions that are ideally suited for healthcare, workplace and educational spaces.

“Self-care and wellness have been newly prioritized as a result of the pandemic, and this collection celebrates the positive impact that rituals can have in those areas,” comments Shantel McGowan, Vice President of Textile Design at Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering. “The textiles bring an elevated take on comforting design. Whether installed in healthcare environments to enhance a space’s sense of calm for healing patients or in a workplace where team building and productivity abound, we’re excited to see how these textiles introduce a sense of calm and well-being to interiors.”

The collection references historic and recent practices of rituals as well as research on such practices across physical and mental well-being. Research suggests that simple, repetitive geometric imagery can promote a sense of calm and well-being. With their understated geometric designs, the Glassworks, Expression and Pixelate patterns can bring any built environment to life while also providing extra durability and sustainability features. Bleach cleanable, phthalate-free and with durability indexes exceeding 100,000 double rubs, the comprehensive collection of textiles is not only suitable for the high-traffic and hygienic demands of healthcare environments, but can also infuse lively elements in spaces of learning, collaborating and focusing. Boasting an expansive range of 61 colors, the Ritual collection enables specifiers to set the mood of the space, from soft and natural to bright and cheerful. The collection’s eight designs include woven and coated textiles as well as privacy curtains.

The designs within the Ritual collection include:

Glassworks (woven)
As a medium-large scale multicolor pattern, Glassworks resembles the lead joinery and colored panes of stained glass. The geometry of the composition nods to the balanced layout of tatami mats used historically in the sacred Japanese ritual of the Tea Ceremony. A subtle heathered yarn in the ground adds a hint of variation to help soften the crisp line-work and color block shapes. Available in six colorways, Glassworks offers designers and specifiers a pattern that can act as a statement on its own or provide a medium-large scale multicolor pattern for coordination with other textiles. This fabric comprises 68% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester, 17% Polyester, 15% Nylon, featuring a durability of 102,000 double rubs. Furthermore, this design is bleach cleanable and thus suitable for high-traffic settings.

Expression (woven)
Expression features vertically linked blocks that create rhythm and structure as a playful geometric pattern. Subtle yet uniquely dynamic, each of the six colorways incorporates multiple colors making this textile easy to coordinate with other fabrics. The scale of Expression adds interest in its medium scale and multicolor versatility. As a bleach cleanable textile made of 84% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester, 16% Nylon, Expression has a durability of 102,000 double rubs. Expression is ideally suited for healthcare, workplace and education settings.

Pixelate (woven)
Pixelate is a small-scale foundational texture that brings tactile softness to interiors thanks to the use of chenille yarn in its construction. The rhythmic textural pattern and soft hand were designed to exude a grounded sense of comfort. Available in twelve colorways, each color incorporates a mix of three chenille yarns to create subtle variations of color. The interest in color striation provides designers with the opportunity to coordinate Pixelate with a range of colors and values. As a bleach cleanable textile, this pattern meets the demands of healthcare and other high-traffic spaces. Comprised of 45% Polyester, 22% Recycled Polyester and 33% Recycled Nylon, this fabric’s durability is 100,000 double rubs.

Artisanal EPU (coated)
The Artisanal coated textile is a subtle leather grain EPU. With a smooth and supple hand, this design creates an elevated natural look and feel while still providing the high performance and cleanability of an EPU. Available in 24 colors with a mix of foundational neutrals and usable colors, the subdued leather graining of Artisanal has a soft matte appearance that can be leveraged easily throughout healthcare, workplace, education and retail interiors. Made of 100% EPU Polyurethane, the durability of this textile is 500,000 double rubs. It is bleach cleanable.

Vanish (coated)
Vanish is a polyurethane/silicone hybrid coated textile that is characterized by multi-directional lines that create a near solid look while still providing depth of color and visual interest. Available in 16 colorways that were thoughtfully selected to capture a mix of calming neutrals and ambient colors, this high-performance coated fabric is an ideal choice for spaces that require excellent cleanability and durability. Composed of 70% Polyurethane, 30% Silicone and a polyester backing, Vanish has a durability of 500,000 double rubs and is bleach cleanable.

Witzel CV (coated)
As a small-scale grid pattern, the Witzel CV design creates a basket-like appearance across its soothing palette. Available in 15 colors, natural neutrals are accented by a range of soft blues, greens, rusts and golds. Designed to add an element of serenity to any space, this is a high-performing coated textile that is bleach cleanable. Composed of 100% Clean Vinyl/Phthalate free on the face and polyester backing, Witzel CV has a durability of 200,000 double rubs.

Charette (privacy curtain)
Charette is a multicolor geometric pattern featuring a small gridded pattern layered over sections of multidirectional blocks. The gradient color adds interest and softness to the graphic shapes. Available in 4 colors, Charette leads with a natural palette while also incorporating crisp cheerful colors. Charette is made of 54% FR Polyester and 46% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester.

Gradient Grid (privacy curtain)
Gradient Grid is a multicolored gridded pattern. The linework mimics the hand-woven structure of tatami mats to provide a softness and scale for visual interest. Available in 4 colorways, this privacy screen is available in soft natural tones and fresh mid tone colors that add a serene atmosphere to any healthcare space. Gradient Grid is composed of 54% FR Polyester and 46% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester.

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