Meet Theo, Pair’s new custom, yet affordable, conference table

Introducing office furniture brand Pair’s new conference table, Theo, that just launched. Theo’s standout feature is its affordability and adaptability.

Bizarrely Affordable for a Custom Sized Table: Theo’s main differentiator is its base, which is adjustable and can accommodate any tabletop size. The mass-manufactured base keeps costs low, making it a budget-friendly option for custom-sized conference tables. The collection is made with stretcher rails and telescoping legs that acts as the base for all table sizes so that the price is determined by the size of the tabletop.

Versatile Tabletop Options: Pair offers a broad selection of tabletop shapes and sizes, available in standard laminate and veneer finishes. Plus, they can customize options outside of their standard finishes to match your specific needs.

Corner Styles: There are three corner styles for the tabletop: Racetrack, 4″ Radius and Square Corner

Built-in Power and Data Management: Theo features built-in power routing within an open leg. Clients can easily incorporate additional power by dropping in Bento, a built-in container for power and data management, keeping conference tables organized and clutter-free. Lights can also be seamlessly installed into the tabletop.

About Pair:

Pair designs flexible workspaces that give users privacy on demand and can adapt and scale over time. Pair has crafted a system of tools, screens, and elements that can enable employees to have more control over their workspace and how they work. Each system is designed on a simple kit of parts so that clients can personalize it by selecting corner shapes, finishes, and fabrics. Clients can change the color, material, and even leg shapes to suit a company’s aesthetic. When personalization isn’t enough, Pair works collaboratively with their clients to create a custom product from the ground up; one that meets the needs of their teams. Some of their best products were born that way and have become permanent parts of their collection.