Meet October CET Designer User of the Month Lindsay Voegele

CET Designer rendering by Lindsay Voegele

As a designer and sales support at Grier Interiors (formerly Gregory Grier), Lindsay Voegele calls herself a “Jane of All Trades” – handling everything from creating drawings and proposals in collaboration with sales and the client to ordering and tracking to installation.

“We are very much a ‘roll up your sleeves and get it done’ kind of company,” Lindsay said. “We do whatever we can to make sure our customers get what they need and feel like we have provided a service, not just office furniture.”

Lindsay took a unique path to design. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and starting her career in higher education, Lindsay has always had an interest in how surroundings affect day-to-day life, especially in the workplace. This passion for spaces led her to a career in the commercial interiors industry.

“I am an office furniture nerd at heart, so when I decided to make a career change about six years ago, I realized that I really enjoyed the projects where I got to reconfigure offices to make them work better for the user,” Lindsay said. “I truly enjoy walking into someone’s space and finding ways to make it work better for them.”

Lindsay’s team made the leap to try CET Designer this year after switching over from a CAD-based software. As a Kimball Aligned Dealer, her team heard positive feedback about CET Designer but didn’t have the time to learn the software. Now that Lindsay’s team has adopted CET Designer, she says Configura’s training has helped immensely with the transition.

“After watching Configura’s CET Designer demo video, I knew the software would be worth the time and would better fit our needs. CET Designer itself is relatively intuitive and user-friendly, and the training took it a few steps further to really help us hit the ground running,” Lindsay said. “I encourage anyone thinking about making the switch to CET Designer to take the online instructor-led trainings – it’s definitely worth it.”

Lindsay’s favorite features in CET Designer are smart symbols, which has helped reduce the amount of time needed to create a design and rendering. Lindsay also says the 2D and 3D view has cut down on clicks and made her workflow faster. She adds that CET Designer helps her dealership present to clients in a cleaner way.

“CET Designer takes visuals to the next level and our customers are definitely noticing. We have already received compliments from our existing customers about how the renderings have made a big difference in their decision making,” Lindsay said. “If you work with manufacturers who have smart symbols in CET Designer and want an affordable, user-friendly way to present drawings and products to clients, I recommend trying CET Designer.”

Lindsay says that in the future, she can see CET Designer making on-boarding new designers easier and will help minimize the specification mistakes that are sometimes made when someone isn’t familiar with a product.

When Lindsay isn’t busy designing and planning spaces, you can find her chasing her toddler who also enjoys chasing her family’s dog.