Meet Your New Storage Solution: Tube

Koleksiyon.TubeMeet Tube, Koleksiyon’s latest product designed to provide a unique and forward-thinking storage solution.

Designed by Studio Kairos, Tube offers a fresh take on the way we store documents and display both personal and work items. Flipping the traditional filing cabinet on its head, the main element in Tube is a single box—meant to resemble a tube— that acts as a building block. Architects and designers can build upon the initial box and add more pieces to create ordered compositions or even abstract installations.

Tube is able to adapt as a company grows or changes. Its modular cabinets stack up, and can be interchanged to have the doors open up, fold down, or offer pull-out drawers. Some additional details include:

  • Architectural: With endless combinations, no project looks alike—adding a unique sculptural element to any office space.

  • Flexible: Multiple layout options can create alternative volumes and spaces for storage and display, while stacking can provide flexible, non-permanent divisions of workspaces.

  • Customizable: Tube is offered in three wood veneer finishes and five lacquered colors including: white, black, mustard, turquoise and dark grey. Designers can mix and match colors within the unit to coordinate with other furniture.

  • Accessorize: Tube’s stacking shape allows for alcoves, where workers can place plants, lamps, picture frames, or other office decor.