Meet CET Designer User (and Trainer!) of the Month Cate Sword

Cate Sword teaching CET Designer users

Cate Sword is a professional interior designer and software trainer. She’s worked at an architectural firm and a dealership as well as operated her own design business. Her software-training career, spanning 27 years, has consisted of training users in all major commercial furniture software programs, including CET Designer by Configura.

“When I first heard about CET Designer, the person telling me about it said I wouldn’t need AutoCAD to do my work. Frankly, I thought he was crazy – that he had no idea what I actually did! Now, when I tell designers they won’t need AutoCAD to do most of their work, I can totally relate to what they think.”

As a trainer, Cate’s goal is to help dealer-designers do their jobs better, faster, more accurately and more creatively. CET Designer has proven to be a great tool. Cate says one of her favorite things about CET Designer is when a student shouts for joy during a training session about how cool a particular feature is.

“Another one of my favorite things about CET Designer is how crazy-creative the Configura programmers are. I send in feature requests all the time, and they come up with unique, simple solutions that are amazing. I also love that they always ask for feedback, good or bad.”

Cate is married and has a teenaged son, whom she’s very proud of. This year, she and her husband have also welcomed a German exchange student into their home. Cate and her family love camping and biking, and recently returned from an epic 300-mile bike ride that included pedaling over the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.

Having just finished one adventure, Cate is already planning another – backpacking in 2017.

This winter will find her taking it slightly easy: “I crochet like crazy in the winter. It’s my creative outlet,” she said.

This October, CET Designer users will have the opportunity to learn from Cate’s expertise at the 9th annual CET Designer User Conference being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more about the conference and Cate’s presentation, Blending in CET Designer, at