Meet CET Designer User of the Month Sarah Jackson

Rendering created in CET Designer by Sarah Jackson
Rendering created in CET Designer by Sarah Jackson

2015.1130.Tech.Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson is an interior designer at Price Modern in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the winner of the Best Success Story in the 8th annual Best of CET Designer Awards.

“I was lucky to be given this project during my first week at Price Modern,” Sarah said about her winning entry in the 2015 CET Designer competition. “It was for the ancillary furniture for the new Pandora North America Headquarters in Baltimore. We needed to render each room setting with fabrics and finishes so the project team from Pandora could show decision-makers what they were getting.”

Sarah has a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design from Georgia State University and a bachelor of arts degree in design from SUNY College at Oneonta. Before working at a furniture dealership, she worked as a manager and designer at Crate & Barrel. A college friend introduced Sarah to the furniture dealership world.

“I jumped right into using CET Designer when I started working at the furniture dealership, so it actually helped me a lot when I was learning things like how panels go together and how power runs through them,” Sarah said. “Also, I love to do renderings, and CET Designer helps me to feel confident that I’m giving my customers what they want or need.”

Sarah has been a CET Designer user for nearly four years now.

“One thing I love about my job is that I can have a really positive impact on how a person works. I can help them to be more efficient at their job, or help to create a space that they enjoy working in,” Sarah said. “I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about how much CET Designer can help with the design process. We’re able to sit down with a customer and work on a project together, and show them in 3D the solution that we’re proposing. This speeds up the process and save us a lot of emails!”

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys running and playing with her 17-month-old daughter Mackenzie.