Meet CET Designer User of the Month Juan Carlos Bosch Toca

CET Designer rendering by Juan Carlos Bosch, Haworth by papsa
CET Designer rendering by Juan Carlos Bosch, Haworth by papsa

2015.1214.Tech.Configura.CET Designer User of the Month.Juan Carlos Bosch TocaCET Designer User of the Month Juan Carlos Bosch Toca works as a project designer at Haworth by papsa in Mexico City. He’s also the recipient of two awards in the recent Best of CET Designer Awards program.

When he was still a student, Juan debated between architecture and medical school. In the end, architecture won out, and he now holds a degree in architecture and urban planning from the Ibero-American University in Mexico City. His dream is to earn a master’s degree in lighting design.

“What I love most about design is innovation – the possibility of creating something new, out of the blue, and bringing it down to something realistic,” Juan said. “As an architect, I love imagining new workspaces and offices. While I’m designing, I always think of myself as working there.”

Juan has used CET Designer for two years. The biggest obstacle when making the switch from other software was changing the way his dealership worked. Instead of starting with a floor plan and building their way up to finishes, they now start the other way around.

“First, we show the client various options to get an idea of what they’re looking for, and then we design the workstations with their corporate colors,” Juan said. “After this is done, we design the architecture around the furniture, choosing carpet or flooring finishes as well as other products that we sell, such as lamps or sound pads.”

Putting accessories in the CET Designer-created renderings has Juan and team members to sell products in addition to furniture. Also, the speed at which they can produce renderings has been a game-changer.

“My best tip is to always render using Product Lighting and then use the post edit options for all renderings,” Juan said. “Also, when I have glass windows, I always place a wall and add an image as texture to get the background. One of my tricks is to paint the wall on one side with the view, and on the other as glass, and then play with the opacity to give it some depth. I usually put it between 90 and 95 percent.”

Juan is self-taught and learned a lot about light settings when creating his first-place winning rendering for the 8th annual Best of CET Designer Awards.

“When I created it, I thought of myself as a CEO and how I would like my office to be, using my favorite Haworth and Cappellini products,” Juan said. “To get the rendering as nice as possible, I found a way of creating a round halo of light around the ceiling that would not interfere with the real-time shadows, plus maintain the look of the finishes and not ‘burn’ them.”

Juan also received second place in the 8th annual Best of CET Designer Awards Best Success Story category.

“The success story is the project that I’m most proud of,” Juan said. “The project started out as a call center and ended up as something completely different. That was because our client was very open-minded and asked for our suggestions all along the way. Even though he had his architects, he got more involved in the project than they were. It was a long but fun process all the way!”

In addition to being a talented designer and architect, Juan enjoys sports and hitting the gym. He also loves animals, traveling, watching Netflix and walking his dog. His dream is to go to Africa on a safari.