Meet CET Designer User of the Month Alisa Dunn Ritter

Rendering created in CET Designer by Alisa Ritter
Rendering created in CET Designer by Alisa Ritter

 2016.0118.Tech.Configura.January CET Designer User of the Month.Alisa RitterAlisa Dunn Ritter describes herself as a fitness addict, newlywed and new “mom” to an adorable puppy. She can now also add third-place winner in the 8th annual Best of CET Designer Awards to this list.

“I think it’s important to always try to promote your profession, whether it’s pursuing your design certification, continuing your education or participating in competitions,” Alisa said. “I had recently completed a project that was such a great example of CET Designer’s benefits – and it was really a no-brainer to submit it.”

Alisa received her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Virginia Tech and, upon graduation, went straight into corporate and hospitality design at an architecture firm.

“The idea that the work you are doing can make a positive impact on someone’s life is inspiring,” Alisa said. “It is truly motivational when someone can leave work healthier, be more comfortable at a hospital or get more inspired in a creatively designed space.”

Since her first job, Alisa has had the opportunity to work at other firms and has even spent some time in sales. When she started working at a furniture dealership, she had the opportunity to combine sales and design – something that she saw as a welcome challenge.

That’s also where she was introduced to CET Designer.

“I’ve used CET Designer for three years now, and I use it for everything,” Alisa said. “Plans, renderings, bill of materials, pricing – all the way to producing detailed specifications. It helps me at every stage of the design – from initial brainstorming to the final order.”

Her favorite thing about the software is its ability to produce photorealistic renderings. She also appreciates the ease of visually showing her clients what they’re buying.

“Many people have problems visualizing space and understanding how all of the pieces work together, so it’s great to be able to demonstrate that to them,” Alisa said. “Clients are always impressed when we make changes to the design in front of them. It makes the design process and the meetings much more productive.”

Overall, Alisa finds that CET Designer has streamlined her work.

“This one program does such a great job at 2D and 3D plans and renderings that I don’t find the need to use multiple programs like I previously had,” Alisa said.

In her spare time, Alisa loves to work with power tools. Together with her husband, she is becoming DIY pro as they renovate their first home.