Meet CET Designer User of the Month Uyum Ulgen

Screenshot of video created in CET designer by Uyum Ulgen
Uyum Ulgen

Meet Configura’s CET Designer User of the Month Uyum Ulgen, runner-up in the Best Video category in the 2016 Best of CET Designer Awards.

During her undergraduate studies in interior architecture, Uyum aspired to learn about all the different career paths in design through various internships. Following graduation, she moved from architectural design to residential interiors and is now working as a commercial interior designer at Two Furnish, an office furniture dealership in San Francisco.

“Commercial interiors are intriguing in terms of the challenges they bring. You need to keep in mind a broader group of end-users and the type of work done in the workspace, along with the general company culture. It’s fascinating to know that what we do as designers greatly impacts the well-being, happiness and productivity of our clients,” she said.

In her current design role, Uyum uses CET Designer every step of the way, from space planning and creating design concepts to specifying and generating install plans.

“We’ve been working on taking CET Designer a step further and, after a process of internal trials, we started offering virtual reality experiences as part of our services,” Uyum said. “We use CET Designer as the platform, build out and populate the space we want to present, and put the VR headset on our clients so they can actually walk through their future office space.”

Uyum moved to San Francisco about two years ago where she enjoys exploring the city. In her spare time, you can find her laughing until she cries at local comedy shows or swing dancing the night away.

A link to the video that she created for the Best of CET Designer Awards: