Meet CET Designer User of the Month Mae Aldhurais

Rendering created in CET Designer by Mae Aldurais

Configura’s CET Designer User of the Month is Mae Aldurais, runner-up in the 2016 Best of CET Designer Awards’ Rendering category.

Educated in the fine arts since grade school, Mae graduated from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with a degree in architectural interior design in 2010. The U.S. economy was in bad shape at the time, making design-job hunting a challenge.

Mae’s first step into the furniture industry happened when she started at a small, family-owned upholstery shop in New York City’s West Village. From there, she took her knowledge from just one class in office design at NYIT and went to work for a small dealership in Midtown Manhattan. She worked her way up and is now with AFD Contract Furniture Inc. She’s been using CET Designer for over two years now.

“CET Designer is a great tool to have when working on any project where the client just needs a little extra push in the right direction. As designers, it may be simple for us to visualize a space by glancing at a floor plan or a spec book. However, this is not always the case for the client. Having a realistic rendering with products and textiles makes all the difference,” Mae said.

The software has helped her to become more detail-oriented, enabling her to complete fully developed drawings for clients.

“With any rendering, I take in all of the client’s requirements and try to imagine how the space would be lived in – I combine this with a design that I personally would love to see created. I’m fond of using bold elements along with a clean, structured base,” she said.

In addition to her day job, Mae is a part-time amateur photographer, world traveler, chef and the “mother” of two lovely, spoiled and noisy conures (a type of parrot). Check out her pets on Instagram @Birdy_Beaks.