Medley Introduces Hank Monitor Desk Handcrafted from FSC-Certified Wood

Medley, a premium eco-friendly, thoughtfully-sourced furniture manufacturer, is excited to announce the debut of the Hank Monitor Desk, an accomplishment in both form and function. The minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired product is the first desk in the brand’s portfolio and underscores the market’s desire for furniture that simply does more for the consumer. Crafted with two available options – solid walnut or maple wood – sourced sustainably from FSC-certified forests, the effortlessly chic Hank Monitor Desk does just that, providing an eco-conscious option for many living in today’s work-from-home reality.

The desk’s silhouette offers a perfectly-sized footprint for a streamlined and highly functional laptop and monitor setup. Made possible with a perfectly situated hand-carved laptop shelf installed based on user-preference on the left or right side,  the desk seamlessly melds simple elegance and modern performance.

“Given the rise in people working from home, we wanted to develop a desk that would solve for the home office woes many of our clients are facing,” said Travis Nagle, Co-Founder of Medley. “Like all of Medley’s offerings, we strive to create pieces that serve its purpose well, while also delighting users with its craftsmanship and aesthetic – and the Hank Monitor Desk exemplifies that mission.”

As with all of Medley’s products, the Hank Monitor Desk is made-to-order and handcrafted in the brand’s Los Angeles workshop using old school techniques. In contrast to mass production, each piece can be customized to meet the client’s exact needs, providing the ‘perfect’ size, look, and comfort.

“As a family-owned business, we all wear many hats,” said Ryan Schultz, co-founder of Medley. “My wife, Amira Schultz, and I designed the Hank Desk together as part of a recent launch of products where she named pieces after family friends’ kids as a fun way to involve those close to us.”

Beyond the brand’s personalized approach to its product design, the company continues to evolve and enhance its sustainability efforts with a new tree planting initiative, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) taking root starting this quarter. Medley evaluates the number of products sold each quarter and donates 3x the amount of trees used to make each product, including the Hank Monitor Desk. Starting at $1,995 USD, the Hank Monitor Desk is shoppable online through

About Medley

Medley is a premium eco-friendly, thoughtfully-sourced furniture manufacturer with a mission to make living more comfortable through products that are better for our planet and our homes. Brothers, Travis Nagle and Ryan Schultz, founded Medley to inspire people to think of furniture as part of a healthy lifestyle and in harmony with the natural world. The brand’s beautiful product portfolio mirrors this mission with clean, eco-materials, free of harsh chemicals and fire retardants, and spans several categories designed for living, dining, working, sleeping, and more. Built with a modern appeal and tailor-made using old school skill, Medley’s workshop produces each order from California in 6-8 weeks. In contrast to mass production, each piece can be customized to meet the client’s exact needs, providing the ‘perfect’  size, appearance, and comfort. Clients are also met with a unique e-commerce experience with a complementary Furniture  Stylist available to assist with the shopping, design, and customization process for each order. If all of that isn’t enough, Medley’s cherry on top is an in-home trial with free returns. Dreamy. Visit to learn more.