Matter Surfaces Announces Marketing Leadership Promotions

Matter Surfaces, the nationally recognized commercial flooring company announces two new senior level promotions in its Marketing Department: Rachel Pettit was promoted from VP of Sales, Parador Modular ONE to Vice President, Brand Development; Christine Gorman was promoted from Director of Marketing to Director, Brand and Collection Marketing

“In their new roles, Rachel and Christine are going to change the game across all of our marketing initiatives,” said Chuck Heckman, Chief Marketing Officer at Matter Surfaces. “I’m excited for our partners to feel their impact as we create more insightful, relevant, and thought-provoking work.”

Rachel Pettit: Vice President, Brand Development
Previously VP of Sales for Parador Modular ONE, Rachel will expand her role to oversee marketing strategy for BOLON, PURLINE, and Parador Modular ONE brands. She will play a vital role on the marketing team serving as the day-to-day liaison between sales and marketing leadership to develop strategic initiatives and provide management and oversight over all brand- related marketing and sales enablement functions, which include the development of new strategies, implementation of existing initiatives, and participation on the management team. In doing so, Rachel will work collaboratively with the Leadership to bring these initiatives to life while helping to drive sales and develop new opportunities for business growth.

Christine Gorman: Director, Brand and Collection Marketing
In her prior position as Director of Marketing, Christine developed deep knowledge and expertise of Matter Surfaces’ entrance, sport, and matting products. In her new role, she will help expand the categories and continue building out these sectors that already account for a large percentage of the company’s overall revenue. She will oversee the marketing strategy for Mats Inc. and the Arrival, Play, and Formative Collections.

About Matter Surfaces

Matter Surfaces was founded in 1971 as Mats Inc., a family-owned company selling entrance mats throughout the Greater Boston area. Founders Bob and Catherine Schiffmann spent the next decade building a vast portfolio of entrance solutions and strong vendor and client relationships. As the company continued to grow, Bob and Catherine’s 3 sons joined the business. Together, John, Richard and Paul opened additional warehouses and expanded the sales team across the country while diversifying their product portfolio. In the early 90s, they introduced contract flooring products – known today as the Formative Collection. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the company focused on building the world-class service organization and unmatched global planning and logistics team for which they’re known today. In 2004, they partnered with award-winning, European design house Bolon; in 2014, with wineo PURLINE; and in 2021, with Parador Modular ONE.