March CET Designer User of the Month: Ashley Reivydas, Senior Designer, Midmark

AH Hospital Design – Ashley Reivydas
Treatment room – CET Designer rendering by Ashley Reivydas

Design has the power to impact the well-being of both people and animals. As a senior designer on Midmark’s animal health hospital design team, Ashley Reivydas gets to combine her passion for great design and love for pets each day by creating spaces that make a positive impact on animal health. In her role, she uses CET to design veterinary hospitals, shelters and boarding facilities.

“At Midmark, we are experts in animal health. We believe better care starts with a better designed environment and CET is a key component in delivering this,” Reivydas said. “Having our best-selling products built right into CET allows us to design seamless solutions and quotes.”

Midmark, the only clinical environmental design company providing medical, dental and animal health solutions that enable a better experience at the point of care, started using CET in 2014. As Midmark has grown and acquired additional companies in recent years, CET has made it easy to integrate those products and create efficiencies for the quoting process.

Live Design

Reivydas uses CET to design, and quote the entire facility, including cabinets, containment and equipment. She also uses CET as a source for drawings, specifications, renderings, as well as for Live Design consultations and as a communication tool with architects.

“Being able to create one comprehensive quote in CET and using the software’s programmatic rules has created a better user and customer experience,” Reivydas said. “Seeing everything together gives our customers a better understanding of what they are getting and what their space will look like, including important workflows. ”

Reivydas also adds that the 3D capabilities make it easier for customers to see their space come to life.

“I love seeing the face of our customers when they see how their entire space can change in a couple of clicks,” Reivydas said. “The software blows the customer away in a Live Design consultation and often, it’s the first time the client is seeing their space in the 3D view.”

Reivydas worked on a project for a network of veterinary hospitals in the Philadelphia area that needed multiple clinics designed. While each location had a different floor plan, Reivydas and her team could easily standardize layouts using CET.

“Opening 10 vet clinics is a lot of work and CET makes it effortless for the customer,” Reivydas said. “CET has everything the customer needs, I’m able to show products, and keep track of equipment. CET allows us to focus on design and be the design expert.”

Reivydas adds that she appreciates the quoting aspect of CET and it allows her to create the best design for each client. Her best CET Designer tip is using validations. She uses this tool to confirm the accuracy of quotes, and it has warnings and notes that support the quality of her work.

“Paying attention to detail is a very important skill for any designer and specifier, and CET handles some of those detail responsibilities automatically for me,” Reivydas said. “CET knows when to include certain accessories or options automatically, which lightens my load. I trust CET and the built-in rules.”

Angled Floor Plan – CET Designer rendering by Ashley Reivydas

Reivydas has had a passion for design her entire life and earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design from The Ohio State University in 2011. Prior to her role at Midmark, Reivydas worked in Lane Bryant’s corporate office in several roles, including as a retail designer where she created standard layouts for their 800 locations.

“Design has power over so many things – both physical and emotional,” Reivydas said. “Good design considers what people can do within a space and impacts how they feel. I am always learning and finding ways to enable more efficiencies and help improve patient outcomes through design, and that’s very rewarding.”

When Reivydas isn’t designing, she is chasing after her two children under the age of three, and spending time with her husband, extended family and can’t forget her 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier and 15-year-old golden Labrador.