Maharam Introduces Oxbow

Arriving this September, Oxbow brings pronounced texture and dimensionality to the Maharam Design Studio’s wool initiative, a series that highlights the environmental, aesthetic, and performance benefits of wool.

Woven domestically using fibers sourced from sheep raised in the United States, Oxbow’s wool yarn is dyed, spun, and woven in Pennsylvania—thereby minimizing the environmental impact of standard textile transportation. Oxbow’s composition explores tactility and organic irregularity within a precise grid. The Maharam Design Studio worked with a specialized resource on a construction that combines wool yarns with a taut nylon warp to create a sturdy, undulating surface that evokes architectural dimensionality.

To emphasize wool’s deep and varied chromatic expression, each colorway combines three tones including both heathered neutrals and bold accents such as royal blue, canary, and scarlet.