Magnuson Group Introduces BODEN High Performance Concrete Outdoor Bench

Magnuson Group is expanding their line of high design ancillary solutions with the BODEN high performance concrete outdoor bench. Designed by QDesign and made in the USA, BODEN achieves strength and durability in style.

BODEN is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, presenting a low-maintenance, strong, durable solution built to last indoors and outdoors. BODEN’s durability comes from a multi-step production process that includes casting, curing, polishing, and sealing.

“Simple and pure in form, BODEN was inspired by modern architectural details and the concrete molding process,” says the product design team at QDesign. “Use of high-pressure concrete facilitates low maintenance and longevity. The combination of strong lines and gentle curves creates unique detailing. Using concrete as the medium allowed the design to feature a thin profile with a slightly chamfered underside, giving BODEN a refined light scale aesthetic.”

BODEN is polished by hand for a smooth, balanced gradient across all surfaces. The product comes in two standard colors – White or Grey – while custom colors are also available. A pigment rich outer layer ensures the vibrancy of BODEN’s color, enhanced by a sealant that also provides extra protection from elements. Its chamfered underside completes BODEN’s refined architectural look while providing additional structure and rigidity.

“BODEN is an exciting addition to our line of high design ancillary solutions, and is designed to leverage the benefits that come from using concrete as a medium, including unique detailing and longevity,” says Colin Quackenbush, Sales & Marketing Manager at Magnuson Group. “We are pleased to offer our customers a bench that combines such durability and style.”

For additional security and protection from damage in public high traffic spaces, BODEN is offered with a mounting plate to anchor the bench to the ground as well as skate stop deterrents custom designed for the BODEN family. High performance and high design, BODEN is an excellent bench for parks, urban plazas, pedestrian walkways, and other outdoor commercial settings within corporate spaces, restaurants, hospitality spaces, healthcare facilities, and retail settings. Visit BODEN’s product page to learn more. 

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About Magnuson Group:

For over 90 years, the Magnuson family has been providing a unique blend of excellent product design, quality, value, and customer service. We have built our name by designing, manufacturing, and marketing the industry’s finest products within our focused niche of support furniture and accessory products. Over the years, we have added extensively to our product line — from our earliest roots in coat racks and garment storage — to today where we represent the contract furniture market’s most complete line of high-design accessories and support furniture for commercial facilities. Magnuson Group remains a family-owned & operated business — now in its 4th generation — and is as committed as ever to delivering the finest design, quality, value, and customer service available in the market.