Magnuson Group Brings Comfort and Ease to Return to Work With High-Design Desk Partition

Magnuson Group is proud to facilitate the return to work with NEW PORT HIGH: a space dividing desk partition and extension of the NEW PORT product line.

NEW PORT HIGH’s durable, easy-to-clean glass screen mounts securely into a base that doubles as a tool rail, creating a fully multi-functional 23 5/8″ high desk partition. Compatible with four NEW WAVE desk accessories and four screen substitutes from the original NEW PORT desk accessory line, the product is ideal for teams that want to retrofit their workspaces with flexible, long-term solutions.

Rather than isolating employees from one another, NEW PORT HIGH’s transparent screen maintains visual connection while safely dividing space, preventing the spread of germs. The product can be specified as a freestanding unit or with one of two mounting methods: a c-clamp that attaches securely to the edge of a standard desk or a mount between adjoining desks. The freestanding version of NEW PORT HIGH is perfectly suited for open benching workstations.

The product’s stability makes it an apt solution for both fixed-height and height-adjustable desks, while its variety of mounting options accommodates various desk types, workspace configurations, and office layouts as needs change.

NEW PORT HIGH is compatible with four NEW WAVE desk accessories — the NW-10 mail tray, NW-23NP locking box, NW-40 shelf, and NW-80 pencil tray. Each accessory hooks onto the tool rail base. It also integrates with each screen substitute from the original NEW PORT line: opaque tempered glass, writable glass, acoustic fabric, or melamine. This multi-functionality allows teams to retrofit their workspaces freely, switching out accessories and space divider styles as needed.

Magnuson Group is currently developing a range of return-to-work ancillary and accessory products to release over the next few months. Each product is a high-design, high-function solution for teams to return to the workplace with comfort and peace of mind. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, or download their free CET extension for updates.

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