Magis RE Air-Chair and RE Air-Armchair Now Available

Pushing the Boundaries of Recycling

Designed by Jasper Morrison in 1999, Air-Chair was the first single-piece chair in the world conceived for air-moulding, a technology that allowed us to use less material and produce a lightweight yet resistant product. The success of this project soon led us to develop other furniture pieces with the same technology, such as folding chairs, tables and chairs with arms, creating what became known as the Air-Family.

With the same pioneering spirit of that time, today we are reinterpreting the Air-Chair and Air-Armchair in light of the challenges that design must address in the current times, presenting our first two chairs made of post-consumer plastic.

At Magis, we understand the importance of reducing the impact our products have on the environment. To do so, we have been researching materials that bring waste back into the production cycle.

After experimenting with plastic coming from industrial waste (Bell and Costume) and from food waste (Alpina), this time we have raised the bar even more and explored the recycling of a waste material that’s new in the world of furniture: the plastic and aluminium layers of polylaminate packagings.

Highlighting the design’s sustainable mission, the two models come in a single finish resulting from the mix of materials, without the addition of dyes during production.

Balanced, dynamic, stackable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, RE Air-Chair and RE Air-Armchair bring a breath of fresh air to the Air-Family.

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