Magis Costume awarded the ADI Compasso d’Oro

Magis is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award for the Costume sofa, in recognition of the innovation, design and exceptional quality of our product.

The Compasso d’Oro, established in 1954 by Gio Ponti and awarded by the ADI (Association for Industrial Design), is one of the oldest and most respected awards in the world of design. It recognises excellence in design and celebrates products that stand out for their cultural and innovative impact.

We are honoured to have received this recognition, which comes as the sixth Compasso d’Oro ADI in the Magis history.

Costume Sofa: A Revolution in Modular Design

The Costume sofa, designed by Stefan Diez, represents a revolution in modular furniture design. Made with meticulous attention to sustainability and functionality, Costume combines high-quality materials and innovative content to offer a timeless product.

Distinctive features of the Costume sofa include:

• Modular Versatility: Costume is composed of modules that can be easily assembled and reconfigured, allowing endless customization possibilities to fit any living or commercial space.

• Sustainability: Each component of the sofa is designed to be easily disassembled and recycled, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular design.

• Comfort and Aesthetics: Attention to detail and the choice of high-quality materials guarantee exceptional comfort and aesthetics.

Reason for the Prize

The jury of the Compasso d’Oro awarded the Costume sofa by Magis with the following motivation: “An innovative production process applied to a mature typology has generated new scenarios of use by the public, which is increasingly responsible with respect to questions of sustainability over time.”

A Recognition for Our Vision of Design

The awarding of the Compasso d’Oro is a recognition of Magis’ vision of combining innovation, functionality and sustainability in the design of its products. This award encourages us to move forward in creating unique furniture solutions that improve people’s daily lives and respect the environment.

“Receiving the Compasso d’Oro for the Costume sofa is a tremendous honor and a confirmation of our ongoing commitment to innovative and sustainable design,” said Alberto Perazza, CEO of Magis. “We thank Stefan Diez and the Magis team for their outstanding work. This award motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of design to offer products that combine design, beauty, functionality and environmental responsibility.”


It all started from the study of traditional sofas: large amounts of polyurethane and textiles stapled or glued to a wooden or metal frame. Heavy, hard to clean and repair, nearly impossible to recycle.

We wanted to do better. We wanted to develop a new way of making sofas.

That’s how Costume was born.

A system with very few elements that can be combined in endless sofa compositions.

Inside, it reveals a hollow structure in recycled polyethylene, topped by pocket springs and a thin layer of polyurethane, all held together only by the cover.

We have developed a modular system which allows users to easily compose and rearrange the sofa according to their needs.

The modular structure comes in handy when moving to a new house: you won’t need to change the sofa, just rearrange the modules you own to suit the new space.

Today we are proud to announce that Costume was awarded the Compasso d’Oro ADI, the most prestigious prize in the design field.

We are honoured to have received this recognition, which comes as the sixth Compasso d’Oro ADI in the Magis history.

Also prized with Compasso d’Oro ADI:

Trioli (2008)

Steelwood (2011)

Spun (2014)

Lifetime Achievement Award to Eugenio Perazza (2020)

Plato (2022) 

“When we started to think about Costume as a system, it was clear that the system gets better the less different parts we need.” – Stefan Diez

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To make Costume even more comfortable, flexible and suited to the needs of contemporary society, we are now presenting Costume Lounge.

Transforming the ottoman module of Costume into a seating, we have developed a new module that works both as a backrest and an armrest.

Costume Lounge brings the modular concept a step further, offering a deeper seat and more flexibility.

We are also introducing new fabrics, with a selection of textiles also suitable for outdoors.


Every part of Costume Lounge is held together only by the cover. This makes it easy to replace worn-out components, clean individual elements and take care of your sofa to make it last forever.

We aim to revolutionise the sofa world. We dream for Costume and Costume Lounge to be furniture that gets passed on from each generation to the next.

Long live the sofa! Long live Costume!

About Magis

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