Magis Celebrates XXVII ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for Plato Chair

We are very proud to announce that, after Trioli (2008), Steelwood Chair (2011), Spun (2014) and the Lifetime Achievement Award to Eugenio Perazza in 2020, this year Magis celebrates its fifth ADI Compasso d’Oro Award. Won by the Plato chair (design Jasper Morrison), this prize is given every two years to Italian design products that have stood out for quality and value, and to notable personalities of the design world.

“Essential and rigorous, it distils the very nature of the chair. A contemporary, resistant, and long-lasting die-cast aluminium object in line with the concept of sustainability”.

The motivation for the award speaks clearly and embodies the essence of the chair.

Plato is versatile and well suited for domestic, professional, and public spaces – indoors and outdoors. Understated and of neoclassical inspiration, this chair expresses a perfect union between form and function.

The choice of material is also meaningful in light of sustainability, as aluminium is highly resistant and fully recyclable.

Plato stands for a timeless, well-thought design and balances lightness, strength and functionality.