m.a.d. Furniture Design Teams Up with Be Original Americas

Manufacturer m.a.d Furniture Design is excited to announce that the company has joined Be Original Americas, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future.

The mission of Be Original Americas is to initiate discussions on the importance and value of preserving original design, and to raise awareness in the architecture and design community about the damages that counterfeiting has on the industry. Be Original Americas believes that, in addition to many artists and companies losing work and revenue, the practice of producing knockoffs also stifles innovation, and the drive to create original work. The organization and its partners seek to cultivate an economic and moral standard across the industry, rooted in the belief that investing in legitimate design is not just good business, but also a necessary step to ensure future innovation.

Be Original Americas has found a like-minded member in m.a.d. Furniture Design, whose own mission is to elevate spaces through original product designs that are affordable, appealing, and  maintain high quality standards. “m.a.d. Furniture Design was founded in 2010 by Matt Cole and myself after we had spent 10 years developing and managing “big box” furniture production in Asia,” says co-founder Dan Given. “We were tired of seeing knock-offs and low quality, price driven furniture—and we are proud, now as business owners, to join an organization that works to prevent this problem in the industry.”

“Be Original Americas speaks directly to the core of our brand,” adds Matt Cole. “Similarly to the organization, it is our company’s mission to democratize high-quality home goods and bring original product designs to a wider audience. We look forward to standing alongside our design peers in the Be Original Americas organization and continuing to uphold ethical standards of authenticity.”

By joining the movement to protect the the authenticity, history, and future of design, m.a.d. Furniture Design is excited to participate in educational events and exhibitions and help combat counterfeit design.

About m.a.d. Furniture Design:

Fresh, innovative and never too serious, m.a.d. Furniture Design specializes in useful, affordable furniture that address work, home and play needs for the modern urban dweller. Founded in 2010 by Matt Cole and Dan Given, m.a.d. is more than a typical contemporary furniture brand as its collaborative team executes design, development and supply chain management. With flexible and scalable operations based in Asia, as well at the ‘m.a.d. lab’™ product development and testing facility and production assembly plant in Southern China, the company currently ships to clients in 20 countries worldwide.