Luum Textiles’ Starting Point Wins Two Design Awards


Starting Point collection designed by Suzanne Tick earns Good Design and Green Good Design Awards

Luum Textiles announced that its Starting Point collection recently earned Good Design and Green Good Design Awards. Starting Point received its Good Design honor in December of 2016, and Green Good Design in January of 2017. Presented annually by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, Good Design Awards celebrate the most innovative industrial, product and graphic designs around the world. Green Good Design Awards recognize the world’s most important examples of sustainable design, and are sponsored by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, and The Chicago Athenaeum.

“We believe that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Whether it’s a problem to be solved or an objective to be met, design is a forward-looking pursuit,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “We are therefore very excited that Luum’s inaugural collection, Starting Point, earned both Good Design and Green Good Design awards.”

Each Starting Point pattern begins with a strong point of view to create an enduring textile for the interior. The key to this collection lies in the art of hand weaving. Whether it’s the unique weave structure developed on the studio handloom for a solution-dyed nylon upholstery, or the hand-woven art project that inspired the printed polyurethane, each textile in the Starting Point collection descends from a common origin story.

Focusing on performance luxury, Starting Point upholstery includes two large-scale fabrics for use on collaborative seating as well as two smaller-scale performance patterns. Three vertical fabrics provide a range of textures for walls and panels. Two multi-purpose fabrics feature long colorlines to coordinate with the other patterns. This allows for analogous palettes with varied shades, values and saturations for additional layering and visual texture.

The Starting Point collection includes Angulo, Point to Point, Perilune, Substance, Percept, Complement, Twining, Carreaux and Soft Ridge. All fabrics meet or exceed heavy-duty contract requirements, including three bleach-cleanable patterns, and are highly durable, with three patterns at 100,000 double rubs.

Point to Point

About Good Design and Green Good Design

Founded in Chicago in 1950, Good Design remains the world’s oldest and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. For 2016, The Chicago Athenaeum received submissions from several thousand industrial and graphic design firms from over 55 countries representing the most important corporations in the design industry worldwide. Over 900 product designs and graphics from over 45 nations received Good Design Awards.

Architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning projects, product, packaging and graphic designs from over 20 nations were awarded 2017 Green Good Design Awards. Winners represent the world’s most important manufacturers, design firms and leading Fortune 500 corporations that are forwarding a new emphasis on a more sustainable design and environment worldwide.

Visit and  for complete listings of winners.

About Luum Textiles

Launched in 2013, Luum Textiles was founded on the belief that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Working by hand at the fiber level, Luum is able to understand – and ultimately influence – how materials will perform in the built environment. The resulting textiles come together as integrated collections designed to deliver an integrated experience. Under the creative direction of Suzanne Tick, Luum is providing architects and designers with a complete interior solution. For more information, visit: