Luum Textiles Merge Durability, UV-Protection, And Indoor/Outdoor Use All On-One Roll

Pebble Melange

Work has gone mobile and isn’t changing anytime soon. With work happening anywhere and everywhere, employees embrace the freedom of choosing and experimenting with their own personalized workstation setups. While other flexible, modular products designed to accommodate the WFH shift continue to flood the market, not many consider that this flexibility extends to the outdoors.

Luum’s Geoglyph, Particulate, and Pebble Melange from the newly-launched Earthly Artifacts collection offer durable (and visually impactful!) textile solutions to provide true flexibility in the remote workplace products environment. Made with a variety of high-performance, recycled materials selected for multi-purpose and indoor/outdoor use—such as high-UV polyester, high-UV polypropylene, and 100% recycled polyester—the bleach-cleanable textiles fittingly reflect our continuous desire to immerse ourselves in nature.

Typing emails on the balcony or taking a Zoom call from the sofa on the porch are increasingly popular interpretations of how (and where) to work remotely. As employees continue to shape the current workplace landscape, new products must take into consideration durability, performance, and palette variety when developing new textiles for our evolving environments.