Luum Textiles Introduces Color Compound Collection

Simple geometry, expressive color and raw surfaces characteristic of this season’s trend towards a more restful and reflective environment are highlighted in the collection’s four styles

Luum Textiles announced the introduction of its Color Compound collection. The collection was inspired by the late architect Luis Barragan’s emotional architecture, where color is an essential design element that affects the way a space feels. The simple geometry, expressive color and raw surfaces seen in Barragan’s buildings are characteristic of this season’s trend towards a more restful and reflective environment, and are highlighted in the new collection’s styles, including Refraction, Intone, Fundamentals and Essentials.

“The Color Compound collection celebrates the palettes embodied by the return of honest materials to interior spaces,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “Traditionally used in health and well-being interiors, softer palettes incorporating pastels and lighter hues have moved into the work environment. While dissension and conflict may be unavoidable, the calming characteristic of this season’s colors offer a moment of rest and reflection.”


Refraction is a large-scale, statement pattern emulating the movement of light and shadow. The palette is composed of cool and warm neutrals, paired with brighter hues that evoke the raw beauty of terracotta, wood and stone. Calm neutrals that merge and diverge across the fabric soften multi-directional planes of color. Inspired by Luis Barragan’s emotional architecture, Refraction pays homage to his work. Utilizing both active and neutral colors to suggest interior and exterior spaces, color is an essential design element impacting the mood of a space. Modern yet classic, Barragan’s architectural work celebrates the earthy yet bold colors of natural materials.


Intone is a classic, textural solid that is offered in a sophisticated palette of neutrals, as well as rich, earthy tones. A subtle cationic yarn punctuates a balanced weave of nubby yarns. Intone is a luxuriously thick yet fluid multi-purpose fabric with excellent performance.


Fundamentals is a solid upholstery fabric with a subtle crepe weave. In addition to the classic neutrals and brights, the palette is grounded with the addition of deeper, jewel-like tones. Together with Essentials, its companion fabric in the panel line, Fundamentals supports a broad range of palettes for all projects.


Essentials is a solid panel fabric with a subtle crepe weave. Now offered with an expanded palette of colors, classic neutrals are enhanced by the addition of soft, subdued colors. Together with Fundamentals, its companion fabric in the upholstery line, Essentials supports a broad range of palettes for all projects.

“Luum Textiles offers a new standard of authenticity in textile design,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “We design products spanning upholstery, panel and wallcovering applications that work together holistically. Our new collections, including Color Compound, offer a common design language that allows for the seamless integration of patterns throughout a space.”

Launched in 2013, Luum Textiles was founded on the belief that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Working by hand at the fiber level, Luum is able to understand – and ultimately influence – how materials will perform in the built environment. The resulting textiles come together as integrated collections designed to deliver an integrated experience. Under the creative direction of Suzanne Tick, Luum is providing architects and designers with a complete interior solution. For more information, visit: