Luum Textiles: Collective Conscious Collection

Collective Conscious by Suzanne Tick features four textiles that reflect readjustment to a slower, more connected life. Highlighting predominantly domestic innovation and craftsmanship, this collection focuses on enhanced user comfort and wellness. From upholstery to vertical to drapery, purposeful design meets the needs of the time. Inspired by contemporary craft, Collective Conscious evokes textures of artisanal handmade surfaces like hand-wovens, embroideries and woodworking by utilizing renewable, recycled and biodegradable materials. From the simplicity of the grid and the complexity of the weave draft, to the colors emerging in contemporary fashion, we rethink how materiality works for the spaces we occupy. As needs in a space shift and new challenges arise, comfort and tactility remain essential to functional design. Collective Conscious provides performance and multipurpose products in a range of vivid brights, complex neutrals and tonal hues that infuse a space with coordinating color, texture and pattern. From upholstery, to panel, and wrapped wall and drapery, each textile works in tandem for a holistic interior.


Grid State
  • Grid State advances the conversation around sustainability. As Luum’s first textile made of post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester*, Grid State is all about evolution. Not only does its recycled, biodegradable fiber content lessen impact on the environment but it also provides more design solutions with its bleach-cleanable and multipurpose-use properties. Grid State’s motif is borrowed directly from the textile development process, transforming graphic dobby weave drafts into colorful jacquard artwork, then woven into the textile’s final form. Through exploring the concept of the grid, a starting point for designers and makers, we contemplate new beginnings.
Scale Factor
  • Joining the Luum Stitch embroidered textile offering, Scale Factor references the senses through the visual, the acoustical and the tactile, giving the eye much needed expansion in response to increased screen time. Using two constituent materials- lightweight nylon thread and Actuate, a classic and versatile Luum textile, as the face cloth- Scale Factor demonstrates how bold but basic materials are elevated into a dynamic, quilted specialty product. Through applied stitching, both vivid and tonal colorways are achieved, providing options to enliven or soothe the user through color. Mirroring the angles of architecture and infrastructure, Scale Factor’s angular pattern reveals our connectivity to the built environment and our communities with dimensional softness and graphic clarity.
  • From fiber to finish, Crossgrain’s dense, textural character was specially developed for multipurpose use on upholstery, acoustical panels, wrapped walls and screens. Using traditional weaving techniques and modern dye chemistry, Crossgrain’s recycled and custom-texturized fibers were spun to achieve an irregular, fine grained surface effect reminiscent of raw wood. Crossgrain provides a wash of saturated, variegated color in pastels, deep jewel tones and classic neutrals.
  • Gaze is a soft, elegant and reversible drapery sheer that combines clever color play with renewable fibers, adding another wool product to Luum’s offering. Bringing soothing dimensionality in a wide width material form, Gaze can be utilized for space division, acoustics, and privacy with the assurance of inherently fire-retardant fiber content. The matte, wool face of Gaze features a melange of subtle, heathered neutrals while the reverse side uses satin polyester fibers in coordinating color se- lections. Gaze’s feathery surface billows, diffusing light within a space and shaping user experience with color and tactility for the malleable spaces of today.