Luum Launches Sustainable Approach to On-Demand Textiles

Luum launched Color Kit 2.0.

At Luum, sustainability is the lens through which all decisions are made. From fiber to finish, they look to honor the Earth and user wellness through research, development, testing, and industry feedback. Following the success of Color Kit 1.0 (2021), the latest release of Color Kit 2.0 utilizes recycled and biodegradable polyester fibers to create eight sustainable, North American-made textures in a range of 157 colorways.

Actuate, Complect, Crossgrain, Digi Tweed, Ecotone, Graviton, Heather Tech, and Percept offer a variety of luster levels, texture options, and colorways that coordinate together and with large scale patterns across all surfaces of the interior on upholstery, panels, screens, and acoustical wrapped walls. Best of all? Each one is priced at $39 per yard or under and is in stock and ready to ship. Understanding the challenges of long lead times and delays, these eight textiles provide a quick turnaround while creating a timeless look for any space.