Luum Launches Super Natural Collection | Luum’s Most Sustainable Collection To Date

Luum’s most sustainable collection yet comprises five super-natural textiles by Suzanne Tick, entitled the Super Natural Collection. Paving the way for more environmentally-conscious performance textiles, Super Natural emphasizes chief weight natural, renewable, domestic, recycled, biodegradable, and circular fiber systems wherever possible.

Inspired by our relationship with nature, Super Natural features a palette that finds harmony between the manmade and the organic — balancing warm and cool textures, black and white hues, and the softer colors of nature with the more saturated colors of fashion. Combining craftsmanship with the durability of renewable materials, this collection weaves patterns and textures into comfortable, classic, and technical textiles to meet the needs of contract and hospitality spaces. Working in tandem with nature, we take part of its system, presenting a collection that feels good and does good, too.

Rubric: Inspired by Bauhaus weave structures and 1960’s Op art, Rubric’s multicolor block pattern plays with scale and repetition to create dynamic movement in an underlying grid—weaving the complex melanges of North American wool in the weft with a recycled cotton blend in the warp using an innovative double beam loom construction.

Barberpole Basket: Barberpole Basket also explores classic woolen weave structures using a doublebeam loom construction. Its textural surface offers a twist of color and materiality intertwined in contrasting tones— combining black and white cotton barberpole yarns, blended recycled cotton, and domestic wool yarns for a balanced and dynamic surface.

Contrast Slub: A dense and substantial textile with a luxurious look and hand, Contrast Slub displays an organic, multi-color, and stain-repellent surface that is smooth to the touch and highly upholsterable.

Everyday Boucle: Evoking timeless modern textiles, Everyday Boucle presents a range of 22 colorways that take rich and nubby boucle texture to the next level with a circular recycled garment fiber technology. Pre-and post-consumer recycled wool, acrylic, and polyester from apparel are shredded down and re-spun into richly colored melange yarns, taking color from the original garments without the need for additional water or dyestuffs or energy. The hyper-textural wool blend boucle surface emerges to create a raw, natural surface on furniture.

Biotope: Biotope is Luum’s third 100% recycled, biodegradable polyester textile, providing more design solutions with its bleach-cleanable and multipurpose-use properties. Recycled cationic and disperse polyester fibers are enhanced with a bio-catalyst additive at the molecular level, accelerating biodegradation in anaerobic environments at the end of the textile’s usable life and leaving only naturally occurring elements behind.