Luum Graded In Fabrics Program

Tilt Shift Redux is shown here on the Drift Four Legged Side Chair and Barstools in colors Bandwidth, Sonar and Synapse

Textile manufacturer Luum presents the Graded In Program in partnership with Global Furniture Group. Luum and Global Furniture Group share a mission in making products that meet the A&D industry’s ever-evolving needs, with an emphasis on the holistic relationship between elegance and performance.

Through the Graded In relationships, Luum and its partners showcase the elegance and upholsterability of Luum textiles and their unique ability to uplift all forms of furniture. At Luum, they believe an essential relationship exists between furniture, textiles and the architecture of the space they occupy. Luum sees furniture as the architecture of the interior, where the textiles become the tactile outer-structure of the furniture.

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