Lutron: Motorized Window Treatment Workshop: Friday, Dec. 4

Shades specifications seem simple enough on the surface – yet the intricate details of design can be difficult to communicate, and even more difficult to manage during construction.

Lutron is here to help. Please join us for a complimentary window treatment workshop to learn tips and tricks to manage motorized roller shade and drapery track coordination – a peek behind the curtain to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your design intent is achieved.

Each 20-minute session (outlined below) is designed to help you:

  • learn why Lutron shades are an integral part of the overall light and design experience
  • improve and enhance your specification, coordination, and construction
  • reduce scope gaps
  • minimize risk
  • deliver a smart, yet simple integrated light & shade solution to your clients Register for each session at the links

FF&E Spec Details for Motorized Window Treatments
12:00 PM PST

Coordinate your specs to span all scopes

Who Should Attend: Architects, Interior Designers, and Spec Writers

Description: This module will cover all the details required to write a complete FF&E specification for motorized window treatments. We will cover all the necessary details, such as: product selection, mounting, dimensions, pleat style, top treatments, fabric, power supply needs,  and integration with control systems. Attendees will also receive a  FF&E Specification Guide PDF tool to make spec writing easy! Click here for webinar  registration

Key Areas of Division 12 Spec
12:30 PM PST

Identify crucial areas in Division 12 specs

Who Should Attend: Project Managers, Architects, and Spec Writers

Description: This 20-minute module will go over the CSI Division 12 specification for window coverings. We will discuss common mistakes and how to avoid getting your specification switched. We will also  cover key spec points that can help to avoid problems later in the field and save on costs. Attendees will receive a full Lutron Roller Shade  CSI specification in an editable Word document for you to include in any of your project spec packages. Click here for webinar registration

How to Hold the Spec/Risk Mitigation
1:00 PM PST

Ensure scopes are captured for risk mitigation

Who Should Attend: Designers, Architects, Project Managers, and General Contractors

Description: This 20-minute presentation will discuss what is important to whom. There are many cooks in the kitchen and they     all are paying close attention to their “ingredient”. We will talk about those different “ingredients” and why they are important. We will also discuss risk mitigation and how Lutron can assist with this. Click here for webinar registration

Understanding Fabric Selection for Performance and Performance Shading Advisor
1:30 PM PST

Learn how openness factor and color affect performance

Who Should Attend: Architects, Interior Designers, Spec Writers, Job Captains, Project Managers, and General Contractors

Description: This 20-minute session will focus on how to select the right fabric for both visual aesthetics (color & openness factor) and performance by space type. Learn key metrics in regards to fabric specification, and get a tutorial on Lutron’s web-based, free daylighting wizard for fabric selection:
Click here for webinar registration

Fun with Drapery!
2:00 PM PST

Drapery is used in key areas to enhance design and ensure privacy

Who Should Attend: Architects, Interior Designers, Spec Writers, Job Captains, Project Managers, and General Contractors

Description: In this Drapery Training workshop we will review all the details you need to know when designing beautiful motorized drapery. We will discuss best practices for drapery coordination, appropriate pocket depth to ensure correct performance, mounting and top treatments needs, along with fullness and stack back options. Click here for webinar registration

How to Achieve Full Black Out with Shading
2:30 PM PST

Achieving full blackout can be a challenge from design through construction – and requires special consideration

Who Should Attend: Architect, Interior Designers, and Procurement Companies

Description: Drapery panels are used in  many  bedrooms  and hotel guest rooms – but do not always provide full blackout without proper consideration. This workshop will cover best practices for configuring the drapery track, specifying the details of the pocket, and communicating drapery construction details to the drapery workroom to block as much light as possible. We will also cover the best practices to achieve full blackout when specifying black out roller shades with sill, side channel, top back cover, and top treatments. Click here for webinar registration