Love Good Color: Training for Contract Design Moves Online

Since 2017, Love Good Color merges science and the senses for meaningful color selection.
Laura Guido-Clark, founder of Love Good Color, brings over 25 years as a passionate design-industry colorist. Photo credit: Sarah Peet

Renowned interiors and product colorist Laura Guido-Clark has brought Love Good Color (LGC) online. Laura is sharing LGC, her innovative color selection tool with 200 thoughtful hues, by leading LGC workshops at Founded in 2017, the Love Good Color system has been lauded nationally by over 700 designers of interiors, products, branding, architecture, fashion and technology interface. In the 2.5-hour online LGC workshop, Laura teaches designers to craft palettes based on meaningful, humanistic language that resonates with clients and target audiences — elevating the power of color in illuminating project objectives.

“Learning to confidently recommend smart, emotive color choices is vital to a designer’s capabilities,” says Laura. “Instructing online allows me to share my deep expertise on both color’s impact on the senses and color’s strategic use.”

Geiger yarn selections and LGC chips-Taconic
Joseph White utilized the LGC system when selecting yarns and palettes for his Taconic Collection for Geiger Texiles. Photo credits: Joseph White for Geiger

The Love Good Color system was recently used in the development of the Taconic Collection by Joseph White for Geiger Textiles. IDEO partner Chris Domina, says, “LGC is thoughtful and intuitive. It moves color away from abstract numbers and codes.” At Adobe’s Global Workplace Group, Director Eric Kline says LGC was “immersive, educational and immediately impactful to our team. It gave us valuable knowledge and a fantastic set of tools.” Sara Broussard of IA says “The system has fundamentally changed how I think about color” bringing “value to my firm and clients.”

Prior to taking the LGC workshop online due to COVID, Laura Guido-Clark (standing) leading an in-person seminar at Heartwork in New York City in 2019. Photo credit: LGC

LGC workshop participants learn how Love Good Color fuses science with the senses. Neuroscience, physiology and emotional aspects of color fuel the LGC methodology and 200 hues which Laura has carefully created over her many years as a leading colorist. The workshop then turns to interactive exercises under Laura’s direction, where designers learn color communication techniques, create palettes for their own work, and refine their skills with Laura’s feedback. Optional physical color tool kits are available to help apply LGC thinking to a designer’s future projects.

Laura Guido-Clark leading the LGC workshop online, explaining how the senses and language help determine impactful palettes. Photo credit: LGC

In addition to starting LGC, Laura is the Founder of Laura Guido-Clark Design, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for its ability to translate color’s conscious and unconscious influences, her 20-year-old consultancy advises on color strategy for environments, finishes, and products from global clients, including Google, Apple, Samsung and Toyota. Usually flying throughout the US to give in-person seminars, Laura hopes the LGC virtual workshops facilitate continued learnings and connections within the design community. “An added plus,” she says “is that inviting your clients to an LGC workshop is a valuable way to stay in front of important contacts during this period of distancing.”

Mini Case Study – Box Studios

For a Chicago-based healthcare organization’s new offices, the design team at Box Studios of Denver, CO engaged clients, defined goals and created richly satisfying palettes utilizing the Love Good Color interactive workshop and tools. Here, designers and clients review colors in response to LGC’s establishment of emotional and sensorial objectives. The senior client leader said, “The workshop allowed us to define the energy we were striving to achieve in the new space.” Color selections, the client added, “made our employees feel pride and excitement. It was a huge success.”

Box Studios – Client group interaction and LGC tools
Box Studios – Color palette matched to LGC chips
Box Studios – Client breakout space
Box Studios – Client reception