Louis Poulsen Project Spotlight: Lamb Elementary School

Louis Poulsen.Lamb Elementary School

With their heads in the clouds and their gaze upwards to the stars, the students at the Jack R. Lamb Elementary School are encouraged to take a minute to draw inspiration and creativity from the ceilings.  The ceilings become focal points for children in grades K-5 and the energy level is high in the hallways of this new East Hillsborough County school as they regard the artful display of constellations and meteor showers created by lighting.

The use of LED lighting was key to accomplishing this goal and the selection of the LP Circle afforded the designers the creative freedom needed due to the variety of sizes, colors and installation options including recessed, surface and suspended fixtures. The LP Circle provides diffuse downward directed light in a dimmable 0-10V with energy efficiency and smooth circular shape.

And if the looking up to the stars wasn’t enough, the team further enhanced the impact of ceilings’ light designs by installing stained and polished concrete throughout the corridors that produce a reflective surface resulting in a mirrored effect allowing for the patterns to appear on the floor.

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Location: Jack R. Lamb Elementary School, School Board of Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL, US

Architect: Holmes Hepner & Associates Architects

Engineering: Carastro & Associates

Contractor: Batson-Cook Company

Photography: Photography by Mark Borosch

Agent: Envision Lighting Systems

Project Category: Educational Facility

Project Type: Interior Products

Products: LP Circle LED, Recessed, Surface and Pendant lighting

Product Design:  Mikkel Beedholm/KHR arkitekter

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