Loll Designs: Working Outside Can Heal You

Loll Designs’ motto is ‘appreciate the outdoors’ – and for good reason: studies show nature has healing properties for the body and mind, increasing one’s overall mood and feelings of well-being. Humans have a biological connection to nature (biophilia) that means spending time with nature can sooth, restore and even heal.

Whether working from the backyard, or taking a break in the office park, below are comforting outdoor furnishings from Loll Designs that are sure to encourage more time with nature.

The Alfresco Round Patio Table was designed with a wide base to allow extra leg room and to ensure stability. When paired with the Pliny chair, it becomes the ultimate outdoor office set up. Pliny combines Loll’s recycled plastic with stainless steel in a cantilever design, bringing a ‘bounce’ feeling that can help boost productivity.

After conducting a study in rocker leg curve diameter, Loll achieved a perfect state of equilibrium with the Lollygagger Rocker, so one can remain in absolute balance for hours. The chair is crafted from recycled HDPE (as are all of Loll’s products), mostly from recycled milk jugs, giving it the durability to last outdoors all-year-round. Lollygagger Rocker is available in nine colors.

Designed by T.J. Thomas and Audra Bielskus of Studio Murmur, No. 9 Sofa is elevated slightly more off the ground than Loll’s usual benches – thus, allowing one to recline with ease; Though the arms are well-placed to help stand up once it’s time to go back inside.

Part of the Salmela Collection, the modern Hall Dining Table was designed by Duluth architect David Salmela. With a clean and sculptural take on outdoor dining tables and a black Richlite frame beneath, the table adds structure and contrast to the planes of the legs and top. The Hall Outdoor Dining Bench or the Emin Outdoor Dining Chair are designed as a complement to the table’s clean geometric form.