Lissoni New York introduces Lissoni Architecture

A new studio offering comprehensive architectural services in the US

Piero Lissoni is pleased to announce the establishment of Lissoni Architecture, a dedicated New York-based studio offering comprehensive architectural services for the United States. Led by renowned architect Piero Lissoni and CEO Stefano Giussani, the Mercer Street studios will now integrate interior and architectural expertise, providing a distinct and unique approach to projects.

Previously focused on interior projects for the luxury hospitality and residential markets in the Americas, Lissoni New York has now expanded its operations to include Lissoni Architecture, marking a significant milestone in Lissoni’s interdisciplinary history and presence in the US market. The new architecture studio aims to offer a 360-degree service, transforming the scale of Lissoni’s operations in the US.

“Here we are America, we’ve arrived! We can finally be architects here too!” remarked Piero Lissoni.

Stefano Giussani adds, “This achievement, eight years after the interiors studio was founded, represents both a remarkable milestone and a crucial challenge in this market. With new resources and boundless inspiration, we are poised to provide innovative solutions to our existing and future clients who share our design philosophy.”

The launch of Lissoni Architecture reinforces Lissoni New York’s commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions, now encompassing both interiors and architecture.