Line Voltage LED Retro Pendants From JESCO Reminiscent of Hanging Sockets by Thomas Edison

JESCO - LED Retro PendantsShadeless, medium-base pendants use Edison-style bulb designs; incorporate looped microscopic LEDs. Low-scale LED “filaments” produce warm glow, use 2 or 3.5 watts, last for years.

New Product Introduction:  JESCO PD465 Line Voltage LED Retro Pendants — Retro-style pendants with vintage, Edison-style bulb design, and hanging-socket bases for their LED bulbs.  A range of seven low-watt, ultra longlife LED bulbs are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Design:  JESCO Lighting In-House Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer:  JESCO Lighting Group, founded 1998.  A U.S. company.

Product Applications: JESCO PD465 Line Voltage LED Retro Pendants are suited for use in traditional- or transitional-design restaurant, hotel and office-building lobbies; merchandise showrooms; up-market retail boutiques; museums and galleries; and discriminating residential installations.

Product Description:  JESCO’s new PD465 Line Voltage Retro Pendants comprise a vintage minimalist design, reminiscent of incandescent fixtures first introduced by Thomas Edison in the late 1800’s.  Open-design glass bulbs housed in industrial-designed, machine-finished, hanging-socket bases, suspended by vintage black cloth cables make JESCO’s LED Retro Pendant an excellent example of the “form follows function” ethos.

Acknowledging the past, PD465 Retro Pendants also embrace the future by incorporating the newest LED technology — microscopic looped LEDS that link to form “filaments.”  These filaments and their notable Edison sockets create a nostalgic glow, while consuming a mere 2 or 3.5 watts depending on bulb model.  Seven bulb models in five shapes, specific wattages and hanging-socket cable lengths create custom, ultra-energy-saving lighting designs requiring negligible maintenance.

Construction & Finishes:  JESCO PD465 Line Voltage LED Retro Pendant socket housings are machined aluminum with a graphite finish and a choice of antique nickel or brass accents.  Each model suspends via a vintage-design black cloth-covered electrical cable.

Contact Information:   Learn more about JESCO unique lighting-product designs and energy-saving, longlife capabilities.  Visit  View JESCO Lighting Group’s new architect-designed plant, warehouse and corporate offices located at 15 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington (Long Island), New York 11050.  Telephone:  800-527-7796.  Fax: 855-265-5768.  E-mail: