LightCorp – New website/tagline launch

LightCorp Brings Good Energy to the Work Environment

LightCorp has unveiled its new website,, featuring a clean, user- friendly design, a variety of resources, and the company’s new ‘good energy’ brand message.

“At LightCorp, we’re passionate about supporting people with good energy,” said LightCorp President Marc Langeland. “We’ve always been committed to enriching the lives of the people we work with and those who use our products. ‘Good energy’ encapsulates our strategy: to create lighting, power, and accessory products that help people thrive in the places they show up to work.”

The company’s new website showcases LightCorp’s catalog of lighting and power products and Most Modest brand accessories, all designed to deliver and generate good energy.

“Research shows that lighting impacts physical and emotional well-being in a variety of ways,” said Melissa Wikman, VP of Business Development. “We know that people do their best work when they have control over their lighting and can keep their devices connected to power and conveniently charged. Creating workspaces with useful and well-designed accessories can make all the difference.”

LightCorp’s product development philosophy supports a collaborative approach, whether a customer has a fully formed idea for a new product or looks to LightCorp for inspiration. “Our exceptional U.S.-based team moves projects from sketch to finished product in-house,” said Wikman. “From the start of the development process, LightCorp designers embed the ability to personalize a product without adding significant cost or lead time. Working with an established and diverse bench of design resources, the team conducts further research into human-centered design and usability.”

The result is lighting, power, and accessory products that support individual choice, control, personalization, well-being, and connectivity. That’s good energy!

LightCorp works along the spectrum of product development as a contract manufacturing resource, a co-development partner, or a source for branded lighting, power units, and functional accessories. Visit LightCorp’s new website to learn more.

About LightCorp

Founded in 1986, LightCorp manufactures custom lighting, power, and functional accessories that bring good energy to people and their work environments. LightCorp’s 100,000 sq. ft. Grand Haven, Michigan, manufacturing facility utilizes an agile manufacturing process to fabricate highly customized and scalable products with short lead times.