LightArt’s Newest Introduction to Ocean-Bound Plastics Collection

LightArt has just released the latest iteration of their award-winning Ocean Coil Collection: upcycled pendants made entirely from ocean-bound and nearshore plastic. The Ocean Coil Collection now includes Marina, a new material that combines two colors, resulting in a fresh, new hue reminiscent of sea glass. LightArt has also added a new shape and more size options for this popular line of upcycled pendants.

The new shape, Ocean Coil O3, is a spherical pendant that adds volume to the series and is available in two sizes. LightArt’s R&D team created the new material, Marina, by combining the creamy white of Sea Foam’s ocean-bound plastic with Seagrass’s deep green to make a soft sea green tone with subtle color variations throughout. These materials make up Ocean Coil Collections’ only shade color ingredient. The new Ocean Coil material, Marina, joins Sea Foam and Seagrass as stock color options, all made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

LightArt’s continued partnership with Oceanworks—a platform that retrieves plastic and other debris from the world’s oceans—promotes the companies’ shared values of transparency and sustainability. Through the 100 percent recycled Ocean Coil fixtures, LightArt continues its rigorous Align sustainability initiative and pushes the boundaries of environmentally conscious lighting.