LightArt’s Coil Collection Receives a Declare Label

New Ocean Coil Marina Collection

Sustainable lighting innovator LightArt is thrilled to announce that their multi-award-winning Coil Collection—the upcycled pendants made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene—has received a Declare Label. LightArt launched the original Coil Collection in 2020 after years of painstaking research and development. The collection uses recycled material and 3D printing fabrication techniques to create lighting that rethinks internal waste streams and repurposes the waste in our oceans. Both the original Coil Collection and the newer Ocean Coil Collection have achieved Declare Certification.

After years of mastering its internal waste streams to create the original Coil Collection, LightArt wanted to push its capabilities as a planet-conscious manufacturer. With a goal to combat the eight million metric tons of plastic that go into oceans each year, the latest additions to Ocean Coil continue a partnership with OceanWorks, the largest global marketplace for recycled plastic materials. LightArt’s Sea Foam material comes from ocean-bound plastic from mismanaged waste found within 30 miles of coastline, beaches, and waterways and includes items like single-use plastic bags, water bottles, and other items that would find their way into the ocean. Seagrass is made entirely from nearshore plastic, which includes discarded fishing nets, trawls, and ropes. Seagrass’ recycled material takes on the plastic’s hue in its former life, with no additive coloring to create a vibrant green color. LightArt’s R&D team used these two materials to create their newest pendant, Marina—Marina combines the creamy white of Sea Foam’s ocean-bound plastic with Seagrass’s deep green to make a soft sea green tone with subtle color variations. These materials make up Ocean Coil Collections’ only shade color ingredient.

Each of LightArt’s marine-sourced Ocean Coil pendants diverts up to three pounds of ocean-bound and nearshore waste. They are assembled with a PVC-free cord and are finished with TGIC-free powder-coated hardware. Ocean Coil pendants are equipped with LightArt’s Performance Lighting Core, a game-changing solid-state lighting solution delivering high-performance lighting to decorative fixtures.

The lighting manufacturer is underscoring their commitment to materials transparency with this latest Declare label for both the original Coil Collection and the Ocean Coil Collection. The Declare Label is a nutrition label for architectural and consumer products. More importantly, it is valuable to designers pursuing Living Building Challenge (LBC), LEED v4.1, and other green building standards. Manufacturers voluntarily disclose product information on easy-to-read Declare labels. These labels report all product ingredients and use a simple color code system to flag chemicals of concern. Further information is provided on the product’s final assembly locations, life expectancy, end-of-life options, and overall compliance with relevant requirements of the Living Building Challenge (LBC).

All active Declare labels are accessible on a free and searchable database. The database is used by leading designers, large real estate owners, and conscientious homeowners to specify products they know they can trust and that meet the requirements of leading green building standards, including the Core Green Building, LBC, LEED, and WELL Certifications. By facilitating and simplifying the exchange of complex ingredient information, Declare has positively changed the materials marketplace to enable the creation of buildings that support human and environmental health.

About LightArt

LightArt, a 3form company, is a custom lighting fabrication and design studio based in Seattle and Salt Lake City. As a manufacturer of lighting in the Commercial marketplace, LightArt strives to innovate, explore continuously, and hang its hat on one-of-a-kind custom lighting solutions. From their line of clean, geometric fixtures that celebrate color and material to a performance-based solution with lighting or acoustics, the studio combines the world of art and function to create unique, beautiful lighting solutions that inspire. For more visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.