LightArt Launches Two Powerful, Adaptive Acoustic Fixtures

Echo Style C Fin

Pushing Past the Noise: LightArt Launches Design-Forward Yet Powerful Acoustic Products

Award-winning lighting manufacturer LightArt is launching a new addition and a line extension to it’s beautiful lineup of acoustic fixtures: the Cylinder Shade and the Echo Style C Fin.

Continuing to push multi-functional acoustic lighting solutions, LightArt creates fixtures that are a design-forward point of emphasis in step with the overall interior design of the space, while boasting high acoustic performance ratings.

Echo Style C Fin

The first solution is an extension of the company’s popular Echo acoustic fixture. Echo is now available with distinct C-shaped fins, featuring sharp lines balanced by a softer profile. Working with a curved fin, LightArt’s design team saw an exciting way to expand on Echo’s unique modular abilities, while keeping the fins distinct enough to work well as a single pendant, too. Subtly referencing the oval shapes of classic mid century modern fixture design, the new Echo C shape comes in 15 colors of Sola Felt, a 50% post-consumer recycled material from 3form. Available as a lit and unlit fixture, the Echo C is made with a TGIC-free white powder coated canopy, and a standard 8′ long, 3-conductor, 18-gauge white halogen-free cord. Hardware includes a stainless steel cable and machined hardware with nickel plated brass gripper to allow for adjustable hanging height. The dimmable fixture comes with a lamp on U.S. orders, outputs can vary depending on need.

Cylinder Shade

The second solution is the Cylinder Shade, a soft, round pendant whose double wall allows for an increased acoustical performance while opening up this fixture to different color applications on the interior and exterior, creating a unique presence. The new iteration was inspired by LightArt’s existing Acoustic Empire Shade and the popularity of its versatile applications, prompting the design studio to create a new shape to add to the existing family of acoustic lighting. Made with Sola Felt, the shade offers 15 different colorway options to choose from and mix. The powder-coated steel frame comes with a white or black power cord (1/16″ galvanized cable), and the powder-coated dress plate mounts to any standard junction box.

About LightArt

LightArt, a 3form company, is a custom lighting fabrication and design studio in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. The work of the Seattle studio is an ever-evolving tale of innovation, creative exploration, and endlessly variable custom lighting creations. From the sleek geometry of the forward-thinking LA2 line, to the organic elegance of our custom chandeliers, LightArt has a unique, handmade lighting solution to meet your needs. For more visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.