Light Corporation Launches its Lowest-Cost Under-Bin LED Light

Light Corporation.CLIQUE

Made for the contract furniture market, CLIQUE is the most economically priced LED product in the company’s under-bin lighting family

Light Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech lighting products for office and industrial environments, has launched CLIQUE, the newest and most economically priced linear LED (light-emitting diode) fixture in the company’s under-bin lighting family.

Light Corporation created CLIQUE to meet the needs of furniture specifiers, designers and facilities managers looking for high-quality under-bin lighting at a competitive price point in an ever-changing office environment.

“CLIQUE represents a world-class product developed around our customers’desire to have something better. Offering a high-quality, competitively priced under-bin LED fixture gives our customers more flexibility with their lighting solutions. We’re confident our customers will appreciate the value this light delivers while enjoying the quality of a Light Corporation product designed and developed in Michigan,” said Light Corporation General Manager Kyle Verplank.

With the maturation of LEDs in the marketplace, Light Corporation is pleased to add CLIQUE to its product portfolio. The marketplace is switching from florescent lighting and adopting LEDs as an industry standard. Over the last few years, imports have flooded the marketplace, filling the need for low-cost under-bin lighting.

“With CLIQUE, we’re offering a domestically produced under-bin LED that meets the quality standards and price point our customers have come to expect. We envision CLIQUE expanding into a product line with multiple offerings: CLIQUE’s low profile and modularity will allow it to ‘adapt out’ effortlessly from the under-bin and into the newest trending furniture systems,” Verplank said.

A leading benefit of CLIQUE is the ease with which it installs and “clicks” together. CLIQUE’s compact-sized 10-inch modules – designed to easily connect end-to-end to achieve desired length – provide flexibility for the space planner. Modules can be connected to yield lengths from 12 inches to 42 inches lengths. 

CLIQUE features a sleek form with single touch on/off power and a silver-color finish. The product’s bright 3500K mercury-free LEDs with an 83 CRI ensure that every work surface will exceed the critical comfort levels required to perform visual tasks. The LED-rated lifespan is 60,000 hours. Material content recyclability by weight is 80 percent. The product is ETL-listed and UL-compliant. The standard lead time for CLIQUE is two weeks. CLIQUE is sold through Light Corporation’s network of dealerships across North America.

About the company:

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