Let’s Get Loud! IFDA NY Summer Sound Series June 9

Let’s Get Loud!

Clog dancers upstairs?

How to hear the best version of your favorite Beethoven symphony?

To Control and To Enhance

Two Aspects of Sound to Consider

Making Rooms Sound and LOOK Great.

Let’s Get Loud!

Allan Kirschner from Quiet Rock will give us an introduction to the fundaments of how sound works and why you should care. Understand why sound is important to humans, how sound works,and its perception to occupants, and resulting consequences.

Dave Gilbert (FIFDA PA) and Bob Turgeon from Bravas will cut through the noise with sound damping interiors and the right mix of professionally designed audio systems.Sound (audio) is perceived in differing ways by different people. On one end of the spectrum some folks just don’t like louder sound and at the other end folks like it louder but it needs to be clean and intelligible otherwise it’s painful. In both cases it has to sound good. How do we determine and address this?

Wednesday June 9th, 2021
11:00 am EST

Our Speakers:

Allan Kirschner is the Northeast Territory Manager for PABCO Gypsum’s QuietRock brand. Allan has been in the gypsum industry for the past 7 years helping the design industry better understand how QuietRock products can help enhance the end users acoustical experience. As a licensed Architect and LEED professional, Allan leverages his design and construction experience to provide his customers with holistic solutions.

QuietRock® by PABCO® Gypsum is the first and most technically advanced sound reducing gypsum panel in the industry. Through continued innovation, including the patented EZ-Snap® Technology, QuietRock® sound reducing drywall is an efficient alternative to conventional approaches for building acoustically rated walls.

BRAVAS is a leading national technology integrator that provides Beautiful Places and Smart Spaces where their customers live, work, and play. Get the best sleep of your life with lighting and window solutions that deliver the perfect brightness, throughout the day and total restorative darkness at night. Cut through the noise with sound damping interiors and the right mix of professionally designed audio systems. Enhance your environment with pristine quality air, water, and climate control. Spark joy by building in and hiding away devices and cables and designing your home around the people and activities that you love.

Bob Turgeon BSEE, Drexel University, Phila, PA, Worked at RCA on the military weapons system site troubleshooting site failures for the SPY1/ EDM radar systems. At Scott Foam oversaw the acoustics lab in the R&D building, ran tests and developed products for the VP of sales. 25 years of experience designing/fabricating: listening rooms; studio vocal rooms; home theaters.

Dave Gilbert (FIFDA PA) is the general manager of Bravas’ Philadelphia branch, the largest luxury technology company in the world. His beginnings go back for his love of listening to music on AM radio. While he studied management and marketing at Drexel University upon graduation he found a career in audio and eventually video and smart home technology with Hi-Fi Sales, now Bravas Philadelphia. After 39 years he still enjoys good quality audio and live concerts and introducing people to better audio than that which comes out of a Bluetooth speaker from their smartphone.

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