Leland International’s Mod Chair: A Saucy, Geo-organic Aesthetic

Leland International.Mod

Leland International.Mod2A saucy, geo-organic aesthetic meets a sumptuous supportive seating surface. Inspired by chic ‘60s retro fashion, the Mod chair is ideal for reception areas, executive offices and any public space where relaxed comfort, understated elegance and style are required. Textile options are available on the seat, inner back and outer back for further customization.

Designer / Simon Pengelly

Leland International.Mod Designer Simon PengellyPengelly Design Ltd collaborates globally with the most progressive design-led companies working within the realm of product and furniture production.

Design Perspective: Quietness, possibly above all else, is a quality the best products possess in that they don’t follow trend, rather they possess a character born of thoughtful regard to function, materiality, environment, intuitiveness and familiarity, without the need to shout. There are few things more exciting and interesting to us than being able to make our mark with quiet design.



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