Leland Furniture Launches New Baraga Stool – A Traditional Seat in Modern Materials

Collection Design by Altherr Désile Park

Leland recently previewed its new Baraga Stool during NeoCon in Chicago in the Leland tradition of using a Michigan place-name and advancing the design language that has been foundational to American Modernism. As a port and natural stop for early voyagers across Lake Michigan, Baraga was a place to rest and to survey the surroundings – this new stool affords a similar great perch for a moment’s respite.

The traditional molded shape of the old tractor seat, usually seen in metal or solid lumber, has been given a new cast by the design firm of ADP. By using plywood, a material so foundational in mid-century furniture, and therefore not needing to add external materials to achieve an ergonomic design, the exposed edges and visible layers of wood grain make for a unique contemporary expression of a form that goes back some 200 years or more.

While this molded design historically provided great comfort without requiring padding or cushions, Leland now pushes that comfort further with the offering of a PET felt seat in addition to the plywood. Following the identical mold of the wood version this felt seat offers a softer tactile seat with increased options for introducing color in any space, along with a new sustainability story.

Available in three heights, with many powder-coat color options for its base in combination with the oak, walnut and felt seats, Baraga’s contemporary-inspired aesthetic lends itself to many environments be they sleek, industrial or rustic.

To find out more about Baraga, visit Leland’s website at lelandfurniture.com