Legrand Launches New Outdoor Charging Stations with USB-C and Outdoor Rooftop Box

When creating the perfect outdoor space, it would be amiss to not include charging stations. Whatever the commercial space may be, it is so important to have access to areas to charge phones and plug-in laptops. Additionally, with the recent news from Apple that all iPhones will utilize USB-C by the end of 2024, it’s important to include charging stations that are future-proof. With Legrand’s recent launch of the Outdoor Charging Stations with USB-C following the Outdoor Rooftop Box’s launch earlier this year, Legrand is reimaging outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Charging Station with USB-C
  • Offering the latest solution in convenient and safe access to power in outdoor spaces, the Outdoor Charging Stations with USB-C offer an ideal charging experience for employees, students, and guests in any outdoor setting. Each station is thoughtfully equipped with a combination of standard GFCI power outlets, GFCI and USB-C combo power outlets, and 4-Port USB-A outlets, ensuring compatibility with all  devices.

  • The Outdoor Rooftop Box provides convenient power access anywhere on a rooftop surface, perfect for parties, small gatherings or furniture needing access to power. The box includes two 20A duplex weather resistant GFCI outlets, eliminating the need for extension cords, and is designed to seamlessly integrate into raised floor patio systems commonly used on rooftops.

Outdoor charging station with an LED accent light to enable device charging during the day and after dark. Accent light ensures the station stands out from standard bollards and clearly indicates charging. Station includes one duplex GFCI Receptacle and one 4-Port USB Outlet.

Outdoor Rooftop Box

The Outdoor Rooftop Box is an innovative solution that provides convenient access to power on raised rooftop deck environments. Install power access anywhere along a deck’s surface. This rooftop box is perfect for outdoor events or furniture requiring access to power, eliminating the need for extension cords along the decking surface and providing greater flexibility in power distribution on rooftops. The box is designed to be installed flush alongside rooftop pavers and features a hinged top self-closing cover. The internal rotating outlet box can be rotated upwards when power access is needed and rotates downward when in-use. The rooftop box supports (2) 20A weather-resistant, GFCI duplex receptacles. The prewired unit comes with receptacles pre-installed and wire leads for wiring up to nearby junction boxes.