Leading BIM Collaboration Tool, Revizto, Launches Version 4.0, with Major Enhancements



Announcement draws global interest from top construction companies, owners, and other AEC leaders looking for increased efficiency and visual collaboration. Enhancements over previous versions include a dramatically simplified workflow and support for 2D PDF documents.

The company Vizerra has announced the launch of Revizto 4.0, its latest visual-collaboration software suite offering increased efficiency and accuracy in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The official release takes place globally today.

Revizto 4.0 provides significant benefits for teams involved in building design and construction. In addition to the already-popular 3D visualization component – built on lightweight gaming technology that makes using the platform approachable and fun for all stakeholders – the new version combines key functionality into a single program, Revizto Viewer, for improved workflow. Revizto 4.0 also offers full support for 2D PDF documents, allowing firms working with 2D documents to take advantage of Revizto’s powerful collaborative platform and issue-tracking functionality.

“Regardless of whether you work in a 3D model or 2D documents, you can interact with others using Revizto 4.0’s smart issue tracking functionality,” says Arman Gukasyan, CEO and founder of Revizto™.

“Revizto can now be used throughout a building’s life cycle,” he adds. “By presenting project information as a navigable 3D environment or as a 2D sheet on an easy-to-access collaborative web-based platform, Revizto allows effortless collaboration for everyone involved, and presents an intuitive tool for use by owners and facility managers in the building operations phase.”

With this launch, Revizto reinforces its already robust reputation as the leading software in democratizing the use of BIM and CAD from the inception of building design through the facility management and operations phase. Globally, over 60,000 AEC professionals working in 150 countries currently use Revizto, including top AEC firms, general contractors and specialty contractors working on complex projects such as London Heathrow Airport, Disneyland China, and the Marriott Hotel Peru.

Version 4.0: More Flexible and Powerful

“With Revizto 4.0, the main program for project teams is the Revizto Viewer,” says Gukasyan. “This makes it easier to export project data and schedule future exports, which are used to share BIM data with the whole team, And Revizto 4.0 makes it very easy to merge projects from different computers to integrate 2D and 3D project information.”

In the same way PDFs became a standard for business documents, Revizto 4.0 is becoming the main platform, where, with minimal training, a large and diverse team of professionals can access and manage their building projects, synchronize them in the cloud, and share with the full AEC team for collaboration. The benefits for building teams have been widely discussed by building project technology experts as well as major companies using Revizto, including Barton Malow, AECOM, the Beck Group, YTL Corporation.

Both longtime users and new adopters are applauding the integration of all functionality into the Revizto Viewer. “Revizto 4.0 is what the BIM industry has been waiting for,” says Luke Johnson, BIM Technology Leader of Virtual Built. “It is a mature, multiplatform issue tracking solution that can connect to your existing workflows and give real context to all of your model-related communication. It is the best and most well integrated solution of its kind.”

About Revizto

Revizto is a suite of software applications that combines powerful interactive 3D and cloud technologies to provide visual collaboration on building design and construction projects. Behind the product is software used in gaming, which makes the 3D visualizations easy to navigate, fast-moving, and highly accurate. Their application to the construction industry has been celebrated for improving access to highly detailed data for all team members.

In a process that takes only minutes, Revizto turns BIM models and computer-aided design (CAD) files into navigable 3D environments, preserving all object data, including complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) information. Revizto Viewer opens the resulting model on any platform – PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets – and enables users to explore the project in three dimensions.

Handy real-time tools, such as an issue tracking system and a camera sharing app, allow professionals to collaborate effectively with teammates and clients. Revizto is compatible with virtual reality platforms like Oculus, making presentations fully immersive. Revizto helps to clear the air during collaboration and allows faster project creation, reducing mistakes and misunderstandings within the team.

For more information about Revizto, visit www.revizto.com.

About Vizerra® and 3DreamTeam Inc. Company

Revizto is developed by Vizerra®, a San Francisco based technology company, founded in 2008. The company provides services for large-scale, interactive 3-D visualization and has earned an extensive experience in creating realistic 3-D worlds for visual presentation and planning. Smart technologies and high-end services have helped Vizerra® earn a strong market position foothold in the United States and Europe, with new growth in Asia and Australia. With deep experience in programming and product development, Vizerra® launched Revizto in 2012, and the software quickly became an everyday tool for thousands of professionals and leading companies in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). 3DreamTeam Company is an official worldwide distributor of Revizto.