Landscape Forms Announces Sales Agreement with Integra Agencies, LTD, of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Landscape Forms, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-design LED lighting, site furniture, structure, and accessories, announces a sales agreement with Integra Agencies, LTD, which is now representing Landscape Forms in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Integra’s 35-plus years’ experience in indoor and outdoor lighting has forged close relationships with landscape architects and lighting engineers throughout the region. “This partnership provides Integra with yet another inroad to the design community,” says Integra Specification Sales Manager Ron Bataller. “The aesthetics and design details in Landscape Forms’ products strengthens our offering with designers and landscape architects. And the functionality of its products is something I can promote to our engineering clients.”

Integra primarily works with clients on institutional and commercial projects. Its team includes design consultants, lighting designers, and specifiers. Principal and Owner Glenn Komishon is excited about the partnership and what this new offering brings to Integra’s current and future clients. “The ability to be able to supply such a universally unique product to our customers that offers the quality, aesthetics, and technology to enhance any outdoor space both night and day is a great addition to our line. Representing Landscape Forms’ products is something that, at the end of the day, we will all be proud of.”

“Not only does this partnership expand our presence in Western Ontario and Manitoba, but it also combines expertise in the unique needs of Integra’s local markets with Landscape Forms’ expertise in design and the visual experience through illumination,” adds Landscape Forms Lighting President Jordan Agustin.