Krownlab Introduces Upgraded Architectural Door System for 2016

Krownlab.bypass system
Krownlab bypass system
Krownlab.track adjustment
Krownlab track adjustment

Key Features Include Concealed Fasteners, Minute Leveling Control, a Field-Modifiable Track, and Adjustable Door Stops

Architectural hardware designer and manufacturer Krownlab today announced an upgraded sliding-door hardware platform, according to Krownlab founder and CEO Stefan Andrén.

“This new platform will allow us to develop sliding door hardware systems with feature sets never before been seen in the industry,” Andrén said. “And it will inform the design of all future Krownlab products.”

Built into this next-generation system are the following key features:

  • Concealed fasteners – While most sliding door hardware relies on visible fasteners for purely functional reasons, Krownlab’s custom-extruded track covers elegantly sidestep this constraint. With truly concealed fasteners, the track appears to float along the wall
  • Tru-Leveling System™ – Hidden inside each track is a patent-pending leveling system that provides a full ¼” of adjustment both vertically and horizontally at each mounting point
  • Field-modifiable track: Each track can be cut and drilled with commonly available tools to adapt to even the most quickly changing jobsites
  • Infinitely adjustable door stops: Door stops can be quickly and easily adjusted to anywhere along the length of the track at any time with a simple Allen wrench

Krownlab’s sliding door hardware system is available in single, bi-parting, and bypassing door configurations. Each configuration maintains a simple, modern design. Even in bypassing, the system simply mounts to the wall without using a bracket to support the outmost track, preserving the hovering effect its truly concealed fasteners provide.

“This new system is unmatched in the industry,” Andrén said. “For projects that call for both modern design aesthetics and high-performance functionality, we have developed the ultimate sliding-door hardware solution.”

Krownlab fabricates its hardware in Portland, OR, and sells direct in the commercial architectural interiors market throughout North America. Stefan Andrén, a former product design director for Nike and Motorola, founded Krownlab in 2009 to develop high-quality architectural products that facilitate efficient, creative, and beautiful interior spaces. All Krownlab products feature an industry-leading 10-year warranty, and every component is manufactured from the highest-quality materials and individually tested before leaving its facility. For more information visit Krownlab’s website.