Krownlab Adds Bypassing to Its 2017 Sliding Door Hardware Systems

The Newest Feature in the Company’s Range Features Uncluttered Next-Generation Sliding Technology in Two Configurations  

Architectural hardware designer and manufacturer Krownlab today announced the availability of a bypassing system for its Ragnar and Oden high-end architectural sliding door hardware systems, according to Krownlab founder and CEO Stefan Andrén.

“One of the cornerstones of Krownlab sliding door hardware systems’ design aesthetic is an uncluttered look,” Andren said. “And maintaining that was the standard as we developed this proprietary bypassing system.”

While most bypassing hardware requires obtrusive metal braces to support the system, Ragnar and Oden’s custom-extruded track features enough lateral rigidity to support bypassing configurations with the same hidden fasteners that give Krownlab systems their unique appearance.

The bypassing configuration can be installed in two ways, with or without a center mount. Installation with a center mount enables the use of door panels weighing up to 225 lbs. each for greater design freedom. While this method allows for heavier doors, the door panels will overlap by 10” to accommodate the center mounting point. This works particularly well for wider door openings where bigger, heavier panels are needed.

Installation without the center mount works for door panels weighing up to 150 lbs. for minimized door panel overlap. This more flexible method is designed for narrower door openings where every inch counts.

Both options incorporate the adjustability of Ragnar and Oden’s door stops. With just a twist of an Allen key—a unique feature to Krownlab systems—the door travel can be changed in seconds.

Krownlab fabricates its hardware in Portland, OR, and sells direct in the commercial architectural interiors market throughout North America. Stefan Andrén, a former product design director for Nike and Motorola, founded Krownlab in 2009 to develop high-quality architectural products that facilitate efficient, creative, and beautiful interior spaces. All Krownlab products feature an industry-leading 10-year warranty, and every component is manufactured from the highest-quality materials and individually tested before leaving its facility. For more information visit Krownlab’s website.